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How To Backflush Your Espresso Machine

Backflush.  What a funny combination of words. For the new espresso machine user this obscure play on words has been one of the great mysteries of the espresso world. This tech tip will give you the inside scoop on backflushing without having to go through the pains of asking. Backflushing Backflushing is the process used to clean out the shower screen, brew group and three-way valve. Backflushing can only be done with machines that have a three-way valve. The three-way valve...

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A Primer on Pour Over Brewing

Of all the alternative ways that you could brew drip coffee, the pour over method has entered the vogue as one of the most popular in modern times. Last week Marc and Morgan produced a video covering some of the basic techniques used for pour over when brewing with some Hario equipment. In response I authored this blog as something of a companion piece to offer a few of my own insights to help you at home. I want to expand on some of the topics they covered and go into a bit greater detail...

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Gaggia Classic Review

The Gaggia Classic Your Ambassador To Italian Espresso The Gaggia Classic has a long lineage and I’ve seen it evolve from the original Gaggia Coffee that was the premier machine in Italy. It did not do well in this market because it was comparatively very expensive and required some serious insider knowledge. The US market was used to the mass produce "toys" of the time; they were deemed "exotic". The USA's Early History With Coffee The...

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Meet the Royal Line of Saeco Machines

If you didn't already know, people who love their espresso and coffee drinks really love their espresso and coffee drinks. Their allegiance to machine manufactures is equally as strong as well. Best sellers become that way because they fit a need and a want for a broad range of people. However, once in awhile, a machine comes along that many people wouldn't consider, but those that do take the step to purchase it fall in love and continue to buy them as each new model comes into our hands. No...

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Jura-Capresso Impressa Z7 Spotlight

Most shoppers tend to fall into one of two camps—some make snap judgments when it comes time to buy and others carefully analyze every option before committing. Chances are, the analytical shoppers out there have done their research and noticed that a few brands, namely Gaggia, Delonghi, Saeco and Jura-Capresso, have consistently earned high consumer ratings on and elsewhere. For these manufacturers, introducing a new espresso machine is a big deal, since they've got...

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Coffee Spotlight: Antica Tostatura Triestina

It's not easy for a roaster to distinguish itself nowadays. The market is pretty well saturated with the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Rising to the top of the ranks requires dedication, precision and, most of all, an utterly remarkable end product. Antica Coffee and Espresso delivers on all accounts...And, the world is taking notice. Coffee to the Stars Antica Tostatura Triestina blends are served in more than 26 countries worldwide. Its coffee and espresso grace the...

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Whole Latte Lingo: Coffee and Espresso Terms Dark Roast - K-cup

Terms to know: D - K for Coffee and Espresso This is a continuation from our A - C term list, make sure you also check out L - V to complete your term bank. The Terms Dark roast: Coffee beans that have been roasted deeper, past the second crack of the husk. Generally, this kind of roast is used for non-espresso brewed drinks, like drip or French press. Check out these great choices. Descale: The process of cleaning the inside of a machine. The...

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Whole Latte Lingo: Coffee and Espresso Terms Americano - Cup-warmer

Terms to Know: A - C about Coffee and Espresso The wolrd of coffee contains its own language, and we invite you to be apart of it. Here are some of our most relevant terms to increase your coffee sophistication. Use these to become the coffee and espresso Einstien of your break room. The Terms Americano: A drink that mimics a cup of drip coffee, minus the bitter edge. Generally a double shot of espresso (2-2.5 ounces), with 3-4 ounces of hot water added (adjusted to...

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