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The Truth About Water and Your Boiler

Amazing isn’t it - that something so pure, so cool and clear, can have such a significant affect on your coffee? Too hard or to soft, water affects the taste - as well as the longevity of your espresso machine. But a little preventative maintenance every three months or so will keep your machine brewing flawlessly for years to come. Behind the Scenes  Cleverly veiled, water is filled with unseen minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonate. Large amounts of these elements,...

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Temperature Stability On A Heat Exchange Espresso Machine

Most prosumer espresso machine’s with a heat exchanger boiler and E61 brew group require a significant cooling flush before an extraction to get to the proper brew temperature of approximately 201 to 203 degrees. But how long should a cooling flush be? And how long of a pause between the cooling flush and an extraction? Note, all machines are a little different. For example, Expobar machines usually only need a very short flush of a couple seconds. But for many others, this...

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Coffee and Acidic Levels

  Cheyenne        Coffee and Espresso

Acidity: It is a key term used to appraise coffee flavor but often mislead. When it comes to coffee, a more acidic coffee is not one that’ll have you reaching for the Rolaids. Acidity in Your Coffee Acidity in coffee is comparable to dryness in wine. It’s described as bright, clean, clear and crisp. If you favor dryer wines, you may just enjoy the coffee with more acidity. Some coffee drinkers may never have or get to experience acidic coffees; they’re not very...

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Should You Rinse Paper Coffee Filters?

  Cheyenne        Accessories

Papery flavors, chlorine aftertastes from bleaching... If your serious about your coffee, these are the things you DO NOT want in it. But did you know those 3 things could be in your filters? NO!? Well... then maybe you might want to do something about it! Rinsing Paper Coffee Filters At high-end coffee shops that use artisan brewing methods like pour-over, you’ll see baristas rinsing paper filters before brewing. Why you may ask? Think about it.. most filters...

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White Tea: A Healthy Brew You!

  Tracys        Everything Tea

Having two kids around the house has made me realize that I wanted to set the best example possible for them. I modified my diet, starting exercising more (a lot more! I put in 2 hours a day, 6 days a week in our basement home gym) and started looking for supplements and health aides that would have a positive effect on my health. Part of my health transformation is attributed to a swap in beverages I made about 6 months ago. I would drink a cup or two of plain old herbal tea almost every...

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Teaposy Wedding

  Tracys        Everything Tea

Summer is the perfect time for family vacations, relaxing and the familiar sound of wedding bells. This summer, my younger sister, Kirsten was married. As the younger sister, she received a lot of help planning her wedding from her older, married sisters. As we met to discuss the upcoming wedding, the topic of the favors was pondered by all. I brought with me a Teaposy blooming tea to enjoy; little did I know that this would become not only the centerpiece, but also the tea served and the...

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The Tea that keeps on giving

  Tracys        Everything Tea

Teaposy as a centerpiece? If everyone hasn't already guessed, I'm a big fan of Teaposy. Not only is it fun to watch the flower open and bloom, it also tastes great! When we first tried the Teaposy, we were all amazed at how they individually tied each tealeaf with a real flower into a little ball and then it exploded in the teapot. But after the flower appeared and the tea was all gone, it was kind of sad to think all this work was going to now go to the waste basket. But Alas,...

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Discover the Unique Flavor of Teaposy

  Tracys        Everything Tea

Ever wonder what a Teaposy flowering tea taste like? This is a question we receive quite frequently. Teaposy teas are created from the finest Silver Needle White Tea, and lightly scented with fresh Jasmine flowers. Each tea is individually hand-sewn with cotton thread combining tea leaves and a real flower. A sip of these remarkable teas reveals a subtle jasmine aroma and a lingering pure, sweet finish. But this is where the likeness ends… Each Teaposy bloom is crafted with a...

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