Bold But Not Oily

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You may have already read my blog “Oil No More” which is about using oily beans in espresso grinders. As expressed in this blog, many of our customers prefer the dark roasted taste of some of the more oily roasts produced by Starbucks or Peets. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Urnex Grindz is a great product to help prevent oil build up in espresso and coffee grinders when using these roasts. The main attraction to a Starbucks or Peets is that they offer a very intense, bold flavor that is great for cutting milk in milk-based drinks like Cappuccinos or Lattes. Although there are some folks that like to drink this as straight espresso, most will use Starbucks coffee as an additive to an espresso-based drink.

I get this question all the time…”I purchased my own espresso machine so I can make lattes like I get a Starbucks but for a lot less money". Then they go on to say “Now I’m being told that oily beans can be harmful to my machine if not used properly”. Not to worry, aside from using Grindz there are also many alternative espressos that we offer with similar flavor characteristics that are not as oily. My personal favorites are either Crema E Aroma by Lavazza or our own Buzzopolis . Both are considered a dark roast with an intense, full bodied flavor. My mother-in-law is considered a die-hard Starbucks fan for many years until I served her an iced latte made with Crema E Aroma. Now this the first thing she asks for in the summer when she visits. Believe me, if she can convert from Starbucks then anybody can. All our staff members here will have their own recommendations for similar coffee so don’t hesitate to give us a call and chat. Happy Brewing!

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TechMilanoItalia over 1 year ago

It's Maromas Platinea or the Malabar Gold for me.

DRuff over 1 year ago

Yes, two other great choices as well