Could Your Coffee Use A Pinch Of Salt?

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Cream and sugar are standard fare for some when it comes to coffee, but could your java benefit from a little salt? A good cook will tell you that salt can inhibit bitterness as well as underscore sweetness in certain foods. Think salt on a grapefruit. Now, apply this philosophy to coffee; most coffee drinkers note that bitterness is an undesirable quality and an impediment to great brews. If salt works with food; why not a cup of Joe?

Believe it or not, salt is commonly used in traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. But, it's a more modern interpretation of salted coffee that's making waves. Taiwan-based chain 85C Bakery Café has created the recipe for an unusual drink--sea salt coffee. The company's best-selling beverage, this drink is made with hot coffee, chilled cream, a layer of foam, and a pinch of sea salt on top. Before you dismiss this concoction, perhaps I should mention that 85C Bakery Café has trumped Starbucks to become the biggest coffee chain in Taiwan, thanks in part to its tasty and creative menu items. The franchise also has locations in China, Australia, as well as a storefront in Irvine, CA.

I'm certainly intrigued. What are your thoughts on salt coffee? And, what is the most exotic ingredient you've added to a cup of Joe?

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