White Tea: A Healthy Brew You!

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Having two kids around the house has made me realize that I wanted to set the best example possible for them. I modified my diet, starting exercising more (a lot more! I put in 2 hours a day, 6 days a week in our basement home gym) and started looking for supplements and health aides that would have a positive effect on my health.Teaposy

Part of my health transformation is attributed to a swap in beverages I made about 6 months ago. I would drink a cup or two of plain old herbal tea almost every night. At the suggestion of my mother, I switched to green, tea but didn't care for the taste. After much research, I discovered white tea and now I'm an addict!

White Tea

If you set a New Year's resolution to drop a few pounds and get healthier, take it from me, white tea might be just the thing you need.

White tea is the first tea that is harvested every spring, from the best tea plants. It is hand picked during just a few days in very early spring, when the buds are still covered with the fine, white down that gives the tea its name. It can be a wonderful and pleasant aid if you're trying to lose weight. It will make it easier to follow a diet, it will make you healthier, it will burn calories for you, and it may even boost your mental strength.

White tea burns calories. White tea contains caffeine, which speeds up the metabolism. That means that the body burns energy faster, and since the tea contains no calories itself, it is sometimes called a calorie-negative drink. This is the most important way white tea boosts weight loss. Other teas have the same property, not to mention coffee, which contains much more caffeine. So why drink white tea for weight loss, specifically?

White tea contains the least caffeine of all teas. If you drink too much black tea or coffee, you will experience some of the negative effects of caffeine, like trembling, anxiety, headaches, and so on. Getting too much caffeine is also an excellent way to make sure you will not be able to sleep at night. White tea contains just the right amount of caffeine-- enough to burn calories at maximum efficiency, but not so much that you will feel any of the ill effects. That way, you can drink white tea all day, keeping the caffeine level in your body right where it burns calories without experiencing any ill effects.

White tea tastes good. It has a fresh, flowery smell and a mild, delicate, and subtle taste with a hint of jasmine. Its natural sweetness eliminates the need to sweeten it with sugar, artificial sweeteners or milk.

When you're drinking white tea, you're not eating or drinking something unhealthy. The very simple act of drinking white tea instead of unhealthy stuff like sugared sodas and juice can do wonders for the waistline. The trick is switching unhealthy stuff (including snacks that aren't liquid) for white. The effect is actually stronger than you'd think.

Not everyone knows about it. While most people have heard of green tea, white tea is still unknown to many. Start to drink white tea now, before everyone is doing it, and you'll be ahead of the rush and can teach your friends how to actually enjoy their diets with white tea. Weight loss isn't always a fun process, but when we feel like we're pioneering a new approach for dieting, it may boost the mental strength we need to keep losing that excess fat. Not to mention that new research is finding tea to be beneficial to our overall health, including our teeth!

So where do I go from here?

Health and Happiness to You All!


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