RSS Feeds Demystified: Part 2 - Advanced Techniques (But Still Simple!)

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Have you checked out our RSS feed yet? If you missed our blog about RSS, learn the basics here. If you're ready to see RSS in action on your own computer, read on!

You're probably aware of what bookmarks are when it comes to browsing around on the web. However if you're not, when you 'bookmark' something, you're adding it to your own personal list of the websites you'd like to visit again. Subscribing to an RSS feed is exactly like bookmarking another page. However, if you're looking for a different way to organize your 'feeds', some browsers and email programs do things differently.

Internet Explorer
On IE there is a location specifically for RSS, called Feeds. When active, this list is located in a smaller window, to the left of the page you're currently viewing. The number of unviewed updates appears next to each feed, just like in Safari. If the Feeds window isn't open, you can bring it up by clicking on Tools, then Toolbars, and then Feeds. This window stays active until you close it.

This browser is one of my favorites because it seems to think on the same wavelength as me. Whether or not I'm on the computer, I like to keep everything organized and right where I need it. When I subscribe to an RSS feed in Firefox, it asks me if I would like to add it as a 'Live Bookmark'. A Live Bookmark becomes its own menu in Firefox. When you want to see the latest RSS update, clicking the Live Bookmark reveals a list of all the updates, with the newest at the top. Now you can check out the latest updates without leaving the site you're on.

Adding an RSS feed in Safari is just like adding a bookmark— the difference is when the RSS feed updates. If there are new headlines you haven't viewed yet, Safari shows the number unviewed next to the name of your bookmark, so you know when there's something new.

Some email programs like Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird have RSS built right in. When you add an RSS feed to one of these programs, each update shows up like an email— with the headline as the subject.

I know there are other browsers, and feed-readers out there, so if I missed one you were especially interested in learning about, please let me know!

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