Making coffee & turning heads with my Handpresso

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pilots with handpresso

Not long ago we received a new product called the Handpresso Wild. This is a handheld espresso machine that weighs less than 2lbs. It is perfect to take with you on a trip or anytime you want great coffee on the go.

We recently went on a business trip and decided to bring the Handpresso for a trial run. The first obstacle was seeing what would happen during security at the airport. As we passed through, the bag with the Handpresso did cause an additional check. The gentlemen asked what is this? After a short explanation and a giggle from the security officer we were on our way.

Shortly after boarding the plane we removed the Handpresso and during beverage service requested hot water. Now this is when the fun began. I began to pump the Handpresso up to pressure, which resulted in many passengers staring. We poured in the hot water added our espresso pod, and made a perfect shot of espresso. I added hot water and made myself a full cup of coffee. My partner decided to drink straight espresso. Suddenly people around us were trying to see what we were doing. The gentlemen next to us asked if he could try. After he brewed his coffee a person across the aisle asked if they could give it a try. Before you know it, 50% of the plane is drinking our coffee from the Handpresso. It was funny to see it being passed around to each seat. Each person turning it around and laughing at how easy it was to use.

We learned a really good lesson that day. Never leave home without plenty of espresso pods. The good newsis that we were able to stop and buy more pods at a local grocery store when we arrived. It is amazing how one simple Handpresso can bring together a group of people. Not only was it fun, it made the best coffee we had all day!

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