Mighty, Mighty White Tea!

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White Tea

We hear so much about the health benefits of green tea nowadays, it almost seems as though white tea has been pushed to the back burner. But, believe it or not, white tea may actually be better for you! White tea is the result of farmers picking young tea leaves' buds before they have a chance to open. Plucking the leaves while they are still immature helps to preserve naturally occurring anti-oxidants, making white tea the most potent tea in the fight against certain kinds of cancers.

Benefits of White Tea:

  • Researchers have also found that white tea can boost your immune system,

  • Prevent plaque build-up, and kill certain viruses and bacteria.

  •  Like many teas, white tea can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

In fact, toothpaste manufacturers have already started banking on the positive effect of tea—adding the extract to their specialty products. Studies have shown that drinking two or more cups of tea per day can cut the risk of death due to a heart attack by half. And here I thought Teaposy was just nice to look at! With all the added health benefits that white tea provides, will you be more likely to make it a part of your daily routine? 



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