Coffee Machines On Wheels

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Antilock brakes, XM radio, and a coffeemaker. For years now, car and espresso machine manufacturers have toyed with the idea of merging the two passions--creating a coffeemaker that could become standard automotive equipment. Audi even tested a concept car, the Roadjet, featuring a fully functioning, single-serve WMF espresso machine built into the armrest. And, it wasn't so long ago that a Nepresso InCar Single Serve Coffee Machine Concept took home the top prize at the manufacturer's annual Design Contest.

The InCar was designed to fit into the center console of a vehicle and used existing Lungo capsules to deliver beverages on the road. It appears there may be a market for mobile coffee. A factoid on featured coffee enthusiast Dan Haller's tricked out Audi A6, with a Jura-Capresso 1500 mounted to the back seat. (What is up with the Audi-espresso combo?) Why is it taking so long to make the automotive-coffeemaker marriage a reality? Please, don't make our graphic designer strap her Tassimo to a car seat! 



I love coffee and enjoy trying new blends and equipment

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