Going Green with Your Morning Dose of Caffeine

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ecosleeveGoing green may seem complicated, but you can start saving the planet first thing in the morning, just by making a few simple changes to your java routine.

Many coffee houses across the country are encouraging caffeine junkies to bring their own mug and save some change. If you bring your own mug to your local café, you may be able to keep the change on your purchase.

Want to keep your hands from feeling the burn while drinking your coffee? There are now-earth friendly alternatives to the tried and true cardboard coffee sleeve. The EcoSleeve is an alternative made from 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials.

If you want to go green while brewing your own coffee at home, a quick change will help save Mother Earth. Purchase wooden coffee stirrers that are biodegradable instead of plastic ones. If you want to eliminate coffee clutter in landfills all together, pour your cream and sugar into your mug first. The hot tea or coffee will automatically mix with your cream and sugar--no stirring required.

If you already have a green thumb, go green with your gardening habits. Don't throw your used coffee grounds in the trash, mix them into your potting soil to act as a fertilizer and keep unwanted pests away.

With just a few small changes you can enjoy your cup o'Joe and join the go green movement as well.

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