It's A Bird. It's A Plane. It's An Espresso Machine!

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Let's Create an Espresso Machine!

Some people think outside of the box, others refuse to even acknowledge said box. So, what do you get when mix a love of espresso with this sort of free-thinking mentality? Well, for starters, some pretty strange brewing machines...   

Our first nominee for the oddest espresso machine reportedly takes its inspiration straight from comic books, turned blockbuster movies. If you've seen "Iron Man," you no doubt remember hero Tony Stark's glowing electronic heart. Look closely, do you see the resemblance in the Nespresso Caffe Inn concept machine? Created with the aid of French designer Charles Teyssier, the Caffe Inn is, quite possibly, the world's first espresso machine fit for a superhero.

The second nominee is a custom Rancilio S27 that looks as though it can go from zero to sixty in record-breaking time. Tricked out by Tal Fishman of Espresso Smith, the machine has been adorned with chopper parts to give it the appearance of a true road warrior, be it one that can make a mean shot of espresso! Brewing and steaming features of this one-of-a-kind espresso machine are fully functional and controlled by the handle bars.

Last but, not least, are the sister machines from Saeco. The Etienne Louis and Jules both look as though they would be handy in a post-apocalyptic world. These futuristic espresso machines could probably make great coffee while defending against an alien attack.

Who should take home the grand prize as the strangest espresso machine; which of these inventive designs do you find the most intriguing?


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