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We have talked, in recent blogs, about Ceado grinders in general. I would like take a deeper look at two specific models the E7 and the E10.

The E7 & E10 have many similar features including:

  • Three year limited warranty on all parts
  • Lifetime warranty on return spring for doser – unique in the industry
  • Hygienic bean hopper for easy cleaning – dishwasher safe
  • Burrs made with 65 HRC steel –selectively hardened for sharpness and durability
  • NSF Approved – the only grinder to have complete sanitation and safety approval in the United States
  • 100 % rectified motors- the motor and drive shaft are perfectly perpendicular with burrs. Manufactured to a tolerance of less than 1/100 mm.
  • The quickest and easiest system to clean or remove burrs. It has 3 screws and can be accessed in less than one minute. This system also prevents the accumulations of ground coffee in the threads that hold the burrs in place (another feature unique to Ceado).Ceado Grinder
  • The easiest and most ergonomically correct grinder adjustment system in the industry, the “See and Set” system. It is a stepless infinitesimal grinding adjust lever that has proven to be very accurate and easy to use
  • Dosing system with Conical ground chute – Engineered to eliminate waste and prevent coffee from being dispensed to the left or right of the portaflilter. Because the coffee is dispensed so accurately this increases the Baristas speed, decreases waste and will provide better extraction
  • Exact dosing of 5.5-9 grams per pull.
  • Extremely accurate dosing system because of precision molding and tooling. Also the stay bolt ensures that the dosing star is perpendicular and will always produce a consistent dosing weight.
  • Engineered to produce extremely consistent ground particle size. Consistency has been verified by an independent laboratory.
  • Motors more efficiently designed and engineered to require 20% less power then competing grinders.

The E7 grinder is ideally suited for light-to-medium commercial use or for any home/prosumer applications. It should be considered by anyone wishing to purchase a new grinder or looking to upgrade a current grinder. It is available in silver and is available in two versions, a semi- auto version with a simple on off switch, or a version with an on/off timer switch. This grinder is extremely quiet, is easy and fun to use and will produce excellent shots.

Here are the specifications of the Ceado E7 grinder:

  • Watts – 400
  • RPMs- 1400
  • Burr Size – 64 mm
  • Height- 24.02 inches
  • Width - 8.67 inches
  • Depth – 14.45 inches
  • Hopper Capacity – 3.8 lbs

The E10 grinder is meant for high-volume establishments and that wishing to experience a low speed, high-quality grinder .It is fast, powerful and has a cooling fan for heavy use. It produces extremely uniform grinds and operates at a lower speed than any other burr grinder to reduce the heat transfer to coffee grounds and maintaining the quality of the coffee. It is available in silver and is available in two versions, a semi- auto versions with a simple on off switch, or a version with an on/off timer switch.

  • Watts – 740
  • RPMs – 690
  • Burr Size – 83 mm
  • Height-25.02
  • Width- 8.67
  • Depth- 14.85
  • Hopper Capacity- 3.8 lbs

These are amazing grinders and please call or let us know any questions you may have.

Mark Jackson, Commercial Sales



My name is Mark Jackson and I run Whole Latte Love’s Commercial Sales Division. I love my job and truly enjoy helping people in the coffee business. I have over 15 years of experience under my belt, I’ve done machine and route sales, catering, ran a coffee cart, as well as managed a small chain of busy cafes. I am also very familiar with the restaurant business. I feel very confident in my ability to help anyone in the coffee business in whatever venue he or she are pursuing within the specialty coffee trade. I’m constantly learning more about my profession and enjoy participating in online forums, trade shows, and seminars/educational events. My personal interests include: golf, great food, my dogs, and traveling.

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