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Summer is the perfect time for family vacations, relaxing and the familiar sound of wedding bells. This summer, my younger sister, Kirsten was married. As the younger sister, she received a lot of help planning her wedding from her older, married sisters. As we met to discuss the upcoming wedding, the topic of the favors was pondered by all. I brought with me a Teaposy blooming tea to enjoy; little did I know that this would become not only the centerpiece, but also the tea served and the wedding favor for the guest.

What is a Teaposy ?

Teaposy is a blooming tea which is created from silver needle white tea and real flowers, which are hand-sewn together. When the tea is placed in a teapot and boiling water is added, the tea leaves unfold and a real flower is revealed. The result is a delightful tea that has subtle hints of jasmine, and very little caffeine, so it is good for you too.

How can Teaposy be used to serve 100 guests?

Each teaposy can make 50 ounces of tea. You brew all the tea at once then place it in the refrigerator to enjoy as an ice tea. When entertaining, you can place the teaposy in a 24 -ounce teapot and continue to add hot water and to enjoy. For the wedding, we used the Tea for More Teapot that holds 48- ounces. This teapot comes complete with an Asian inspired bamboo handle and stand. We placed a teaposy in each teapot and added the boiling hot water, in less then a minute the teaposy began to bloom. We allowed the teaposy to steep for about 10 minutes. You can steep this tea longer if you wish. However, I do not recommend steeping the teaposy longer than 25 minutes; do to the possibility of over steeping. Once the tea was fully steeped, we removed the teaposy from the teapot and set it aside to use as a centerpiece.

How can Teaposy be used as a centerpiece?

For my sisters wedding we displayed the teaposy in large glass vases on the center of the table. After we added boiling hot water and the teaposy was fully opened, we removed the blossom from the teapot. The teaposy was then carefully placed on a plate to cool. We filled the vases with very cold water and then gently placed the bloomed teaposy inside. The cold water is necessary to make sure the steeping process stops and results in a clear bloom in the container. The teaposy bloom is so well crafted, that it can be used as a display for up to seven days. It will be necessary to refresh the water every couple of days for optimal results. The centerpieces were topics of discussion all evening at the reception.

How Teaposy can be a Wedding favor?

Each teaposy is individually vacuumed sealed in a package along with a photo of the teaposy on the outside. We purchased the medley assortment of six different teas to use which included Falling Water, Calendula, Lady Fairy, Noble Essence, Red Song and Crown Me. To customize the teaposies, we added a photo of the newly married couple. This was simply done by using a hole punch and decorative ribbon. The result was a high end wedding favor that cost about $2.00 each.

As you can see, we were able to incorporate the teaposies as a key element of the wedding reception. My sister still has people contacting her in regards to purchasing additional tea. The teaposy is not only beautiful, but delivers subtle flavors that appeal to a large audience. The Teaposy line offers an assortment of blooming teas, and a variety of hand- blown teapots. If you are planning a wedding or event and want to incorporate Teaposy, please call me at 888-411-5282 ext. 5184

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