If you would like to know a little about the many types of espresso machines we sell, this would be a good video to get you started. This video covers the machines we sell and based on your lifestyle, what you like to drink, and ease of use. It will give you an overview of different espresso machines and help you determine which one best suits to your needs.

I would watch the video and focus on a particular kind of machine—prosumer, semi-automatic, and super-automatic to decide which kind is ideal for you. Then, you can go and look at individual models to get a better idea of exactly what you want. Of course, if you narrow it down to a few espresso machines and are still undecided, give us a call and we would be glad to help!

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Chance over 1 year ago

Great video. Covers the basics and really helps you find the category that fits your life. Super auto for me!

Daniel over 1 year ago

Beautiful machine, I do. I'm torn between "TWIN baby" and "CLASS", are great machines, but I know that the "twin" has some unique features.

Garylb over 1 year ago

Good info...answers many questions. Thanks

david 9 months ago

Is the video gone?


david 9 months ago

Is the video gone?