How Long Could Your Super Automatic Machine Last?

In the sales department, we consistently hear one question from customers when talking on the phone with them. The phrasing may vary, but this question can be applied to each and every machine we carry…”How long can I expect this machine to last?” While we can’t give specific date ranges because of the number of variables are involved in the outcome. Variables range from the obvious such as the number of shots you pull per day, to the not so obvious like “How hard is the water you use in it?”

While every situation is different, there have been a couple of examples of the durability of the Gaggia Titanium in particular. A blog from a production company in New York City featured a machine that had 10,000 shots brewed on it. Since we didn’t actually sell them the machine, we didn’t spotlight it, but endeavored to find an even better example of the guts inside a Gaggia.

One of our customers, hailing from Texas, where everything (including espresso-machine counter totals) is bigger, posted 19,914 shots from their Gaggia Titanium, in the course of approximately 6 years. This is a phenomenal total, and not to be expected, but this picture is proof of durability through the persistence of regular maintenance.

The bulk of the issues we see when a machine comes in for repair stems from neglect. We always recommend descaling every three months or so, and a weekly cleaning of the brew group along with any applicable lubrication the group may needs. With proper maintenance we have found that most super-autos wind up between 5000 and 7000 shots, and for most users that comes out to 5 years or so.

What’s your counter up to? Feel free to send a pic and or count below.

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Terry over 1 year ago

I have a Gaggia Titanium super auto with 5500 shots on the counter. It typically goes in for an overhaul or repair every 1500-1700 shots. The problems are always in the steam system. The valve or the tubing or the heat block or all of them. Three months is not often enough on the descale for my water. I also have an Saeco Incanto Sirius which is the Gaggia done better and just today sent it in for it's first overhaul, due to blown piping in the steam system at 1550 shots on the counter.

Terry over 1 year ago

One last point, my Starbucks drink is a Grande Latte, $3.26 each. Those have two shots. That means I'm getting about 750 of those per overhaul with my super autos. That's $2,445 I didn't spend at SB every year. That's why I have two. I always have a spare for when the one at bat needs an overhaul. My Gaggia titanium, with 5500 shots on the counter, has saved me $8,965 all by itself. So yeah they break too often, but they're worth the repair cost. And the coffee is good.

Wavel over 1 year ago

5k to 7k shots?! You gotta be kidding! My Jura S7 has at least 8000 shots and is running like it was day one. It has been back for a few repairs over the years though :)

William67 over 1 year ago

Jura S9 Advantgarde. Over 8,000. Never been in for repairs. Done some maintenance myself and have to stay away from oily beans.

mjjackson over 1 year ago

4100 and counting and we've only had our Titanium since October 2011! We've had no need for repair and ensure consistent proper maintenance.

trvlcrzy over 1 year ago

Bought our Gaggia Titanium back in 2007? Right now our machine reads 23,000 shots. We use it a lot and buy most of our coffee from WLL. We like Lavazza Super Crema or Gold.


matt over 1 year ago

I had my Saeco Vienna digital for 12 years and over 25,000 shots!!! Just recently died so I now have a Gaggia titanium on the way courtesy of WLL.  Hope it provides the same durability and coffee quality of the Saeco.