Coffee Spotlight: Aloha Island

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Looking at Aloha Island

"Shark Week" is fast approaching. For the uninitiated, the show that details one of the world’s deadliest predators has been a Discovery Channel institution since the late 80s. We’re joining the craze with a tropical coffee spotlight this month—Aloha Island, straight from the shark-infested waters of Hawaii.

Fintastic Finds

For the record, that’s Discovery Channel lingo, not ours. If you’re interested in trying one of Hawaii’s most famous exports, Kona coffee, Aloha Island is your go-to brand. With nine Kona coffee and espresso varieties to choose from, Aloha Island has a extensive selection to suit all tastes and budgets.

For uncompromising flavor and aroma, nothing compares to pure Kona coffee. Introduced to the Kona District of the Big Island of Hawaii in 1828, pure Kona coffee is a source of great pride for locals. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Kona coffee benefits from a unique environment, comprised of a mild, sunny climate and mineral-rich volcanic soil, which lend the coffee a smooth, well-rounded flavor profile, occasionally accentuated by notes of fruit and/or chocolate. Espresso lovers interested in pure Kona coffee should consider Aloha Island or Pure Kona ESE pods (available in  Medium and Dark roasts). These certified 100% Kona, organic whole bean coffees are artisan handcrafted, pesticide free and low acid. Aloha Island carefully roasts premium Kona coffee in small 31-pound batches to ensure controlled, uniform results. Due to its prized beans and painstaking roasting process, Aloha Island espressos are some of our most popular luxury coffees.

Aloha Islands Coffee

Aloha Island Surf's Up

Tropical coffees can also get you into the island spirit. Start your morning with the delicious Breakfast Kona Blend, then head to the beach with Surf’s Up (ground). 

Aloha Island Flavored Coffee SamplerIf flavored coffee floats your boat, you should check out our newest Aloha Island coffees. With chocolate and vanilla-flavored concoctions available in whole bean and pre-ground varieties, it’s the perfect time to test the waters. These drip-coffee blends are made with 100% Hawaiian Tropical Arabica and are certified organic. They are also Aloha Island’s most affordable blends, created with the cost conscious coffee lover in mind.

Whether you’re looking to relax with island-inspired java or experience the thrill of an adventurous brew, consider an Aloha Island original.



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