Illy in a Box

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       Coffee and Espresso
Step one: Cut a hole in a box

Step two: Put the Illy in that box

Step three:
Open the box, and that’s the way you do it.

I’m sure Lorne Michaels never thought the heavy hitters at Illy would take SNL’s 2:44 second skit and make it reality – but they did. This month, Illy is unveiling what looks like, to the unknowing eye, a rusty old shipping container in New York City. When you open the container, it features a futuristic object d’art – Illy in box.

For a whole month, visitors to Columbus Circle can explore the fully functionally Illy box and grab a free espresso. Not only is it equipped with an awesome coffee bar, it also features a dining room, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Essentially Illy’s leaving it up to you to decide if you like what’s in the box.


I'm a huge fan of seasonal lattes like pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha. I love visiting local coffee shops with friends & making coffee a social experience.

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