Gaggia Dose

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Gaggia Espresso Dose Review:

What I Like about the Machine:

Color/ Looks

I really like the look of the Gaggia Dose. It has a solid ABS housing that has a nice silver finish. It will work well in many kitchens and certainly be a conversation starter.

58mm portafilter

The Dose comes with the commercial sized portafilter. It is constructed of chrome plated brass which is helpful in brewing a good shot of espresso. It has a double spout which allows for easy brewing into one or two cups.

Programmable Button

The Dose features a programmable button which makes brewing a breeze. You can program the button to brew as much or as little as you would like. On most machine that are in the same price point as the dose you have to manually start and stop the brewing process.

Easy to fill water reservoir

On a lot of espresso machines I often find that it is hard to fill the water reservoir. On the dose you have two options in which you can fill the talk. You can fill from above or you can completely remove the reservoir and take it to the sink, it will hold 42 ounces.


The Dose has a 9 ounce stainless steel boiler. Most machines in this price range feature a boiler of around 4 ounces. Have 9 ounces in a nice feature to have because it will give you the ability to a bit more steam power than some smaller boiler machines.

What I would change on the machine


One thing that I do not like on the dose is the plastic spouts on the portafilter. This will not effect the quality of the brew, but it would be nice to see chrome plated brass pouts.

Panarello Wand

The steam wand is a great match from someone who is looking for an easy froth. The only downside of this wand is the lack of control. I would recommend purchasing the latte art wand. With the aftermarket wand you have the ability to use a panarello wand or remove the outer sleeve which will give you a single hole tip.

Customer Match/ Recommended Environment

The Gaggia Espresso Dose is a great machine for anyone who is looking to brew a quality espresso without breaking the bank. With easy to use push buttons and a commercial style portafilter the dose is a great machine for the price point. Match it up with a good burr grinder and you'll be brewing espresso for family and friends in no time.


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