Lavazza Espresso Point Machine Review

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Lavazza Espresso Point Review:

What I Like:

Looks & Material

The Lavazza Espresso Point has a great look to it. The machine is wrapped in a stainless steel with gold accents. There also is is a light that will illuminate where the cup is placed. Its not going to make your coffee taste better but it looks nice.

Easy Brewing

With the Lavazza Point there is no need for grinding or tamping. Simply add the capsule to the machine, select the amount and watch your cup being filled. After the capsule is used, the machine will drop the spent capsules into the drip tray where you can remove later.

Brewing Options

The Point has several different coffee capsule choices along with a full tea line. They also have hot chocolate and consomme options. I really enjoy the Crema & Aroma and the Verde tea.

Steam Wand

To go along with easy brewing the Point features an easy to use steam wand that will do a good job at steaming and frothing milk for cappuccinos or lattes. There is a handle on the steam wand so that you are able to froth with ease without burning your had on the wand. The wand can also be used for hot water if you wanted an americano or water for tea.

Cup Warmer

On the top of the machine you will notice the rails. The cup warmer is on the top of the machine and the rails keep the cups from falling off. The point features a passive cup warmer that does a great job of keep your cups hot.

What I would Change on the machine

Water Reservoir

This machine is a great choice for an office environment. It would be nice to have the ability to plumb it directly to a water supply.

Drip tray

If the machine was to be placed in an office setting it would be nice to see the drip tray hold more spent capsules. Its hold plenty but more is always better.

Recommended Environment

I would recommend this machine to anyone who wants the convenience of a capsule machine. The lavazza does a great job of offering quality coffee without skimping on selection. I would also recommend this to someone who is looking for an easy to use machine for their small office. Simple to use controls and a great product make the Lavazza Point a great choice.


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