Time Is Money

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Time is money. I am one of many people who certainly believe this to be true. So true in fact, that time is one of the main reasons people choose to buy a one touch super-automatic espresso machine versus a semi automatic or even a manual machine. It’s the main reason I bought one! I am a big fan of the idea of simply pushing a button and out of a magical machine my cappuccino or latte comes out in no time at all.

I mean who really has the kind of time these days to grind their favorite beans, tamp them down, fiddle with their portafilter every morning, extract their coffee….THEN stand there frothing some milk which takes forever….AND then clean everything up afterward?!! Certainly not me! I’m a man on the move. I seriously get tired just thinking about that whole do it yourself process with a semi auto machine.

I, like many people, cherish my time. My time is very precious to me and life is too short. I have got better things to do with my time then spending it making my daily coffee. I’d rather spend my time drinking and enjoying it instead.

To stress my point as a one touch machine advocate, super-automatic machines overall save people time. They help people get their coffee fix in the morning, which allows them to be more productive throughout their busy day ahead. Being more productive makes people more money. Who doesn’t like being productive and making money? Everybody loves money and money motivates people!.. so does coffee. The two clearly go hand in hand.

Now I understand that there are several supporters of semi-automatic espresso machines and more power to them. Their biggest defenses for their poor choice of machinery however, is that their coffee is more flavorful and that they can dial in a better shot of espresso than the one push of a button machine I use daily. They also claim that their machines have fewer moving parts and will outperform (perhaps outlive) my one touch machine.

Okay, okay, I get the whole sense of pride involved with making your own espressos and I have appreciation of the detailed craftsmanship involved when creating delightful coffee treats. But I don’t need fancy designs or smiley faces in my cappuccino. I need my caffeine. I can also understand the theory of less moving parts equals less to go wrong with the machine too.

But if I were to compare and measure the differences in their $2,000 prosumer machine against my $2,000 one touch machine, you may get an estimated 20 years to my 10 years of life which clearly your theory appears to be a more thrifty cause. However, I will stress it again, TIME IS MONEY, and if I add up all the wasted time making my motivation each day, who is to say who’s time is more valuable?…

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