Blast Off! The Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

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To me, there's something really special about plumb-able machines. They represent a commitment to making the espresso machine a permanent part of your home and a part of your life, in addition to being a homage to the dedication of the people who make them.

All of this of course rings true with the new Rocket Espresso R58 Espresso Machine. Stylish, and superbly functional, the Rocket Espresso R58 was the perfect way to kick off my foray into the world of semi-automatic espresso machines.

I'll start by saying that the Rocket Espresso R58 is by no means a lightweight. At a solid 64lbs, it took a bit of muscle to get it out of the box. Once I had it on the counter I was able to fully appreciate just how good looking a machine it really is. The team at Rocket Espresso cut no corners when it came to the aesthetics of the R58, literally. Every edge has been rounded and curved, giving the machine a very smooth and streamlined look. From the robust steam valve emblazoned boldly with the signature Rocket R, to the precision Swiss pressure gauges, the machine is a testament to the enduring allure of Italian design. I rapidly became very fond of its old world charm.

Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine from


I had the opportunity to talk to Whole Latte Love's resident Rocket expert Todd, who explained to me a bit about the R58's mechanics. The Rocket Espresso R58 was highly anticipated as it is the first Rocket espresso machine with dual boilers, and it utilizes the unique PID temperature monitoring system that gives the user the actual temperature inside of the boiler instead of a calculation. This allowed Todd to show me how to program the machine to the optimal temperature for the coffee we were drinking. The R58 is programmed via a peripheral digital display that connects to the side of the machine, so as not to ruin its classic charm.

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For an in-depth look at the machine's insides, you can follow the link here.

This time around, Todd recommended I try brewing with some Klatch Coffee House whole bean espresso, which I used to make myself a cappuccino. As someone who typically does all of his frothing automatically with the handy Nespresso Aeroccino Plus, I was happy that the steam tip was designed with two large holes that let me froth milk quickly. It was very easy to find the sweet spot in the pitcher, and the micro foam I was able to produce made all the difference in the quality of my drinks.

Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine 2-hole steam wand from


Elegant design features and advanced functionality make the Rocket Espresso R58 Espresso Machine an attractive choice for someone looking to buy at the prosumer level.


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BlrdFX over 1 year ago

My R-58 makes a very loud racket when the boilers are filling, but the pump is indeed quiet. The plumbed pressure is 40 pounds and the brew pressure idles at 9 Bars and pumps at 9.5 Bars. Wish the boiler fill was quiet and it has the same noise filling from the built in reservoir. Other than the above the machine works well and is a welcome upgrade from my Rancillio Silvia that I owned for 6 years.