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The One-Touch My-Milk-Isn’t-Hot-Enough Phone Call

I seem to get more calls from customers lately related to the temperature of the milk coming from their super-automatic one-touch espresso machines when making mixed coffee-milk drinks like cappuccinos and lattes. I hope to shed some light on this subject and give customers more knowledge to make good espresso machine purchasing decisions. One needs to know what to expect from the milk-frothing system on a super-automatic one-touch.

Espressione Supremma Coffee/Beverage Center Super-Automatic Espresso Machine from bean-to-cup espresso brewing from www.wholelattelove.comMany espresso and coffee-milk drink aficionados, me included, enjoy the convenience of using a super-automatic one-touch espresso machine to brew their favorite beverage. Typically the milk froth is of very good quality with plenty of micro-bubbles, but the temperature may not be as hot as the user desires. I do agree the froth often could be hotter. The counter point to the not-as-hot-as-I-want-it milk temperature is the ease and convenience of a one-touch machine.

Gaggia Brera Super-Automatic Espresso Machine does it all from www.wholelattelove.comAutomatic frothing units are a modern marvel. They do exactly what they are designed to do, and produce good milk-froth in time with the programmed drink brewing cycle. Usually the condition of low milk temperature is related to how long the milk stays in contact with steam. Some other factors are the starting temperature of the milk, altitude above sea level, etc. but the major one is dwell time of the steam in the milk. This isn’t an issue for owner’s who have a manual steam wand and like to participate in the art of frothing and steaming, they can leave the milk in contact with the steam as long as they want.

I still think a super-automatic one-touch machine is an excellent buy. It makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the wonderfulness of brewing and enjoying specialty coffee drinks; however, for some who desire hotter-milk than the automatic cycle can produce this might not be the right machine.

Jura-Capresso Impressa J9 One-Touch Super-Automatic Espresso Machine with milk frothing unit from www.wholelattelove.comPlease contact us before making the leap. There are variations of super-automatic one-touch machines that might better meet your wants and needs. Some systems have both the auto-frothing unit and a separate manual steam-arm. Some make hotter froth but the quality of the froth isn’t the same as other but still good! Remember I am spoiled as part of my job, I get to play with all of these awesome machines and I think I and my co-workers have valuable information to help you make a good purchasing decision on a machine that will meet your expectations! Till next time!

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Bruce 6 months ago

I have and really LOVE my Gaggia super-automatics. Yes, a Platiunum Swing up for work, and a Brera for home. Lately the Gaggia Brerra has been puzzling me with two modes of steaming for milk, one that produces little of no foam, unless I really work it, and another mode that produces enormous amounts of fabulous foam, that overflows the pitcher before any of it gets hot. All this, seemingly regardless of the manner in which I clean and re-attach the steam wand. At first I thought it was because the wand was not seated properly and was entraining more air with the steam, but I don' think this is the case. Shane, have you encountered this, or do you have any clues as to why this might be happening?