Three Way Solenoid Valve

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An often asked question from Espresso machine customers comparing features is: “These machines seem the same but this one has a three-way solenoid valve. How does it help?” Well, before my Cappuccino gets cold here is the short and sweet answer. A three-way solenoid valve is a big improvement in an entry level machine. It serves two purposes.

  • First, it allows for any excess brewing water to be siphoned out of the portafilter usually into the drip tray. This gives you a drier puck of spent coffee grounds to dispose of. LESS MESS!!!
  • Second, it relieves the built-up pressure on the portafilter allowing for quick and easy removal.

typical 3-way electric solenoid valve for Espresso Machines from

You will notice on machines that do not have a three-way solenoid valve to relieve the pressure after brewing, that the portafilter will retain a substantial amount of water. Instead of a dry puck you will get a thick soup of spent grounds. And if you remove the portafilter too quickly that soupy mix may blow out with the relieving pressure. So be prepared for CLEAN UP ON AISLE 3!

Thanks for stopping by and picking up some quick information. I hope it helps in your buying decision. Remember coffee is a passion!

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