Espresso Brewing - Science or Art? Part Three

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What does all this information mean? It boils down to the fact that you can make an espresso at home that is going to be better than just about any you can get out at a coffee shop or cafe.
trial and errorIt is important to understand:

  • that by practice,
  • some trial and error,
  • as well as a good understanding of what you and your equipment are capable of,

 You can methodically determine the exact parameters that will give you the best tasting coffee you can get. 

wine tastingIf you are a wine drinker for instance and really understand what wines are all about you can appreciate the tastes that each wine has to offer. If you have ever been to a wine tasting where they offer a flight of wines it is interesting how even though each wine has the same name they may all taste different.

With one great espresso and using all the variables we have discussed, by adjusting the two variables in our experiment, temperature and grind, you can experience a wide range of tastes. That is just from one coffee.  It is amazing on how much you can change the espresso just by manipulating the shot time and/or the temperature. Eventually you will be able to proudly say I think this is where this espresso tastes best.

Shot of EspressoThe ability to then repeat that same great taste is going to be made simpler by being able to control all the parameters. You should be able to then get great shots all the time. I am also not saying it is easy, won’t take some work, and won’t cost much because it does.

I do know that the idea of being able to truly create an espresso that is so good may also not apply to everyone. For them I feel sorry because it can be such an amazing thing to drink. The reason we do buy such great equipment, learn so much about how to make espresso and try so hard to get great beans is because we truly love the whole experience and pageantry of creating that great elixir. If we are diligent, and do things right we actually do it for the taste.  I can certainly think of things that are worse to spend money on.

Espresso CommunityA characteristic that I really like about the whole espresso community is the passion that people have when talking about their coffee, their equipment or the latest great coffee they have had. I also like when you go into one of the great shops and get an amazing espresso and have a chance to talk with the roaster or barista and can really talk shop about what temperature to brew at, what shot timing they use or even what tastes jump out when you sample the coffee nectar. That is what really makes this fun.

Call me 1-888-411-5282Call me, let’s talk, and see how we can make your coffee experience better. 

(note: this is the third installment of a three part series. See Part1, Part2 of Espresso Brewing - Science or Art?)

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