Espresso Creme Cookie Roll Recipe

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Sometimes the simplest recipes are the most satisfying and this weekend, simplicity is the name of the game for when you whip up an Espresso Creme Cookie Roll. The winning of combination of coffee and chocolate makes a comeback when homemade espresso whipped cream meets chocolate wafer cookies.


  • 1 Package (9 ounces) of Chocolate Wafer Cookies

  • 2 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream

  • 2 Tablespoons of Granulated Sugar

  • 1 Shot of Espresso (1oz)


  1. Begin by brewing your espresso, when it’s ready, set it aside to cool (Some will argue that letting espresso cool makes it bitter, however, adding hot liquid to your whipped cream will negatively impact its consistency).

  2. Now it’s time to prepare your whipped cream. In a large mixing bowl, combine your sugar and heavy whipping cream and beat until peaks begin to form in the cream. Take care not to beat for too long or your cream will turn to butter! When your cream is beaten and your espresso has cooled, combine the two and refrigerate.

  3. Frost your cookies with 1 teaspoon of cream and stack them on top of one another. When your stack is complete, stand the cookies on their edge and cover the remainder of the roll in whipped cream. Refrigerate the cake for four hours. When serving, slice diagonally for a cool zebra effect.

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