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If you’re going to shop wouldn’t you love to earn savings on future purchases??  Pretty much everyone does!  Today I want to introduce you to our brand new Latte Rewards Program!

So how do Latte Rewards work? 
Every time you purchase an item on the Whole Latte Love website we are going to give you points that equal the cost of that item; 1 Latte Point for every $1 that you spend. However, purchases for commercial products are excluded from the Latte Rewards program.
100 Latte Points will equal $2 in Latte Rewards. These Latte Rewards can be banked until you are ready to use them!  Latte Rewards can be redeemed for Whole Latte Love gift certificates. It's easy to get started. Simply make your purchase and we'll automatically calculate your points. It's our way of saying "thank you" for being part of the Whole Latte Love community.

Sign up!
The first step is to Sign up!  In order to start earning your Latte Points you need to have an Account. Go to the top of the Page you are on and click the My Account button to get started!

Go ahead and fill out the New Customers boxes and create a new account!

Once you create your account you will get zipped back to the page that you were last on!  That way if you were out browsing you won’t have to go hunting for that product again!

Check your Dashboard to see your points!
Now that you created an account you can access your Dashboard!  Click the My Account button at the top of any page to investigate your Dashboard!
Check out all these fun features! 

Latte Rewards Tutorial Screen 1

The Latte Rewards box will track all of your earned and pending Latte Rewards!

So if I have made a purchase for $300 then I earned myself 300 Latte Points! Yeah! With those 300 Latte points, in 60 days, I can redeem them for $6 in Latte Rewards certificates!  Now, I can take those $6 dollars in Latter Rewards certificates and apply them to my next purchase that is over $6! There is nothing better than being rewarded for shopping.  If you would like to read all the terms and conditions you can find them here at:

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Cheryl 6 months ago

Can I go backand comment on the last entry: a repair of a unit purchased from you?

Deborah 6 months ago

Love the Latte Rewards!

Benjamin 6 months ago

Hi - I have an account so I think I am signed up for the rewards program. I see the points I have pending but my earned says Zero. I am clear on how i turned those into something usable. What am I missing?

David 6 months ago

"top of the Page you are on and click the My Account button..."

chickabee 6 months ago

Do I need to wait for 60 days to redeem the points I have earned??

dongio2 6 months ago

Hi, I have accumulated points and its over the 60 day mark, how do I convert them to earn rewards? I was under the impression it would happen automatically.

Tracys 6 months ago

Gift certificates will be issued the 1st and 15th of each month. Check your dashboard on Feb 1st to see your gift certificates and how to redeem them.

kodiakpm 6 months ago

Great idea, a question though, at the start it says that $1 = 1 Latte reward; this would normally mean that if you spend $400 you would receive 400 points but what isn't mentioned is how the points are then converted. It looks like $0.02 cents per point, is that correct? Thanks!

Tracys 6 months ago

Hi Melissa, you will earn 1 Latte Point for every $1 that you spend. 100 Latte Points will equal $2. Your 400 points will earn you an $8 gift certificates.