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Are you a coffee enthusiast looking for a place you can call home? You’re already a Coffee-Lover, now immerse yourself in the Whole Latte Love Coffee Community. Share your love of coffee, your opinions about our products and vote on the opinions of other members. Your knowledge and opinions mean a lot to us and you can earn Points and cool Badges as you share your Coffee Expertise and Culture. Join in the fun!

Everything starts with the all new My Account tab located right above the phone number in the top right corner of the screen:

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From here you’ll be prompted to sign up or log in.



Once you’re logged in the My Account tab will take you to the Dashboard, the new hub for all of your activity.

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From the Dashboard you’ll be able to manage your account and access information about your activity and your orders. Whether you’re a new or returning user, you’ll want to start by selecting the account settings tab and clicking on Edit Profile.

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The Edit Profile page is where you’ll be able to customize your profile. Your profile is the page that other customers see. On the Edit Profile page you’ll be able to upload a picture to represent yourself on the site and you can change your username. You can also write a blurb about yourself in the About Me box. Please remember that all profiles created are initially set to private and can only be seen by other users if you select the Share My Profile option. Whenever you make changes to your profile you must click the Update Information button to save any changes you’ve made.

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So you’ve got your profile set up, what now? Well, it’s probably about time that you got active and get yourself some points! Participation points are awarded for your activity on the site. Pretty much everything you do is rewarded with participation points, but here’s the complete list.

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Participation points contribute to your reputation in the community: the more you have, the more "Coffee Clout" you’ve got! In addition to your reputation, you can be awarded badges by satisfying specific parameters. You can keep track of the badges you’ve earned on your dashboard and the most recent badges you earn will be displayed on your profile.

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By now you’re probably wondering, what’s the best place to get active? From the Dashboard you’ll want to click on the Community tab, from there you’ll be able connect with us and with our other customers.To see what everyone else is talking about, you’ll want to select the Community News Feed option.

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The Community News Feed collects posts from everyone with a shared profile and is a great place to get in on the conversation. On this page you can also follow other users by mousing over their names or profile photos and selecting the Follow option in the box that appears.

You’ll be able to view all community activity such as posted comments, questions and reviews from other members. Your own activity will also be shown here if your profile is shared so you’ll be able to see your own posted questions, comments and reviews here  too.

Now, every time you see this...feel free to post a question or a comment to the community. Blog Photo
Blog Photo You can also see who the most popular users are in the Top Talkers box...
... and you can see which tags are trending.

What are tags you ask? Well, tags are key words or phrases that can be attached to your posts. You can tag your posts by typing in words relevant to your post in the box within the gray area. A list will build from which you can choose a tag to attach to your post.

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You can associate a tag to each of your posts. Subscribing to a tag is a lot like following somebody.

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When you follow someone or subscribe to a tag, activity related to that person or tag will show up in the Community Activity window on your dashboard.

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You can also check the tags you’re subscribed to, who you’re following, or who’s following you at any time by clicking the Community tab. Your activity, along with that of your tags and the people you follow will all appear in the News Feed section, located under the Community tab and the My Account tab.

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