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Whole Latte Love Coffee Compare-O-Matic - There are many different ways to say coffee around the world and many different coffees that are blended, roasted, ground and prepared to please specific tastes and palate desires. We are providing a cross section of what's available to give you over 300 choices to enable you to brew the best tasting coffee to fit your desires.

To help you make great choices, try new flavors and spend your money wisely we have made over 200,000 entries in 72 categories and sub-categories in our database to help guide you in choosing the coffees that will enable your coffee brewing machine to produce the absolute best drink it can for your taste, budget and social conscience.

Further we have tailored a Coffee Compare-O-Matic to provide you a way to look at coffee characteristics side-by-side. You can compare up to 6 at a time by clicking the "Compare Now" check box under the coffee listing and then clicking the red "compare" button at the top of the page. That will bring you to a side-by-side display of what we know about the coffees and machines in different categories.


Here you will see the product name and price along with icon buttons to add to your shopping cart or delete from the current compare session. The product name is a hyper-link that when clicked will take you to the full product description page.

Flavor Notes

Information gathered about the aroma of the coffee as it is brewing, It's initial taste, how it feels on the palate and in your mouth, and the finish or after-taste.

Roast Profile

What we know about the type of roast: Light, Medium, Dark and any shades in-between.

Best For Brewing

Some coffees at specific roast levels are better for certain methods of brewing than others. Further many Roast Masters design blends to be better for particular brewing methods and grind settings.

Coffee Condition

Defines whether the coffee is whole bean, pre-ground or packaged as a pre-ground single-serving.

Coffee State

Whether it contains caffeine, or is decaffeinated and whether it is flavored.

Package Profile

This category is specific to sampler packages we have assembled to give you a one-click option to buy several types of coffees at once. We define the Package Type, (like Premium Espresso Coffees), List the Brands, and describe each coffee in the package by weight, container, condition and roast if known.

Special Attribute

There are many special attributes associate with coffee and we have defined several like Single Origin or Swiss Water Processed Decaf, WE will grow this category as we find other special attributes that significantly affect the quality and taste of the coffee.


If we know it we will post any awards that the coffee may have garnered.

Coffee Botanical

Here we will post what we know about the Species, typically Arabica, Robusta or Liberica or a combination of both, and the Varietal like Arabica Bourbon.

Coffee Packaging

Descriptions of the container, like a bag or tin, and the weight of the coffee it contains or the single-serve portion count. Some listing will include optional packages for buying case lots.

Coffee Type

Descriptions of what the Roaster will let us know about the beans used. Whether the coffee is 100% Arabica or a blend and any significant characteristics like Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kona, Mocha java, or Peaberry.

Coffee Origin

Includes information that the Roaster will release about the source of the beans, the actual farm or grower, where the coffee is roasted and what country we import it from.

Social & Environmental

While there characteristics seldom affect flavor they are important for defining the known social aspects of the coffee. Like a pedigree it may define any certifications it has.


What we know about the coffees certification as Kosher.


Here we include any industry recognized coffee review information we find plus ratings from you, our Customers.

Please jump in any try out the coffee Compare-O-Matic and give us any feedback on what you like or don't like about it, how you would improve it and what other information you would like to know about coffee. We have committed to constant improvement of the functionality of the Compare-O-Matic and the data we collect. We will add new information as it becomes available and keep tweaking the Compare-O-Matic features to make it the richest possible experience for you. Please, holler back!!



The passion and energy for customer satisfaction here at Whole Latte Love fits my life philosophy and is very inspiring. I am a husband, writer, web developer, architect/builder, woodworker, gardener, fisherman, sailor, and coach.

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This is a fantastic tool, and certainly helps make decisions so much easier. I love that it gives me information on coffee that I haven't tried yet so that I can still help customers find a coffee that they will enjoy!
The Coffee Compare-O-Matic is the ideal online resource to decipher what coffees are the right ones for me. So helpful.
This is a great tool to evaluate different coffee roasts, I have used it recently to compare some Filcori Zecchini against my usual Lavazza blends. Very pleased with the Zecchini so far