Time is Coffee: Paying for Minutes at the Clockface Cafe

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Anybody with a latte habit can tell you how expensive it can get, but what if you didn’t have to pay for your coffee, just your time? Russian entrepreneur Ivan Meetin turned this concept into a reality with his chain of cafes where people are charged based on how long they spend in the cafe and not the amount of coffee they drink. From a business standpoint, it makes pretty good sense though. For many people, the coffee is secondary to the welcoming environment of a cafe, where you can generally find things like free wifi, plush furniture and a cozy atmosphere.

Part of the reason coffee chains like Starbucks have taken off now in India and China is the appeal of having a place to go to spend time with friends or simply to get out of the house and relax. For somebody who drinks a lot of coffee paying for just the time might be a pretty sweet deal actually.

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Kyle over 1 year ago

So it must be pretty cheap to get a latte to go!