The Local Gourmet: Rochester Coffee Roaster Among Finalists in 2013 Good Food Awards

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Joe Bean Coffee Roasters: A Good Food Awards Finalist

The results of this year’s Good Food Awards were a pleasant surprise for us Rochester, NY residents, with our very own Joe Bean Coffee Roasters’  Nicaragua Don Roger direct trade coffee being selected as one of 15 finalists in the coffee category.

For those of you who didn’t know, the Good Food Awards are the result of a collaboration of farmers, journalists, grocers, and producers involved in the food industry through the organizational efforts of Seedling Projects, an organization dedicated to sustainable food. The key criteria required of entrants is that their product reflects a commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable food.

The Nicaragua Don Roger coffee is grown and processed by a one Mr. Roger Mairena whose high standards and incredibly well maintained farm allowed him to produce some award winning coffee. As for the aforementioned Joe Bean Coffee Roasters, they’re a local coffee roaster and cafe located at 1344 University Avenue right here in Rochester. In any case, it’s always nice when somebody from the local community is recognized for what they do. Bravo, Joe Bean!


Nick B

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I am certainly pulling for the folks at Joe Bean....always excellent java there! Good Luck!
Nice job JOE BEAN!
Despite the fact that I live around the corner from Joe Bean, and that it is next to Rochester's Rock Climbing Gym, I have yet to stop in here. As if I needed another reason to find a new place to enjoy my coffee!