How Sweet It Is - Sugar Alternatives for Your Coffee

There are two kinds of coffee drinkers -- those who love nothing more than black coffee and those who prefer to add a little something to their brews. If you belong to the latter camp and have grown tired of plain old sugar, we've got a few sweet alternatives for you.

Though it usually accompanies tea, honey can be just as good in coffee. Try adding a teaspoon or two of this sweet stuff into your morning cup of Joe. Not only can honey soothe a scratchy throat, it has also been known to boost the immune system.

Maple Syrup
We've tried it in the office. A little splash of pure maple syrup can add a nice touch to "breakfast" coffee. It will round out the notes of a coffee and add a slight aroma, not a bad thing on a cold morning.

Agave Nectar
Often available in organic varieties, agave nectar offers a natural alternative to sugar. Since it's already in liquid form, agave nectar can easily be used to sweeten iced coffee.

Flavored Syrup
Not only will they add a hint of flavor and aroma to a drink, syrups, such as Monin Syrups, can also be used to sweeten your beverage. Best of all, Monin Syrups are available in organic and sugar-free options.

Condensed Milk
An essential ingredient in Vietnamese coffee, condensed milk acts as sweetener and creamer in one. Try it in an Americano or drip coffee but remember, a little bit goes a long way.

We're curious to know, what do you take in your coffee? And, are you willing to give unconventional sweeteners a try?

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DanielCulver over 1 year ago

The Agave nectar works very well. I feel that it doesn't interfere with the flavor of your coffee much at all. Anyone interested in alternatives should try it. I for one, don't like honey or maple syrup in my coffee, though I like either in tea. Go figure. The Vietnamese coffee is a special favorite of mine. I recommend this to everyone at least once. I won't drink it regularly because I find it too rich as a daily drink, but when I go to a restaurant that serves Vietnamese, watch out, 2 or 3 at least. The local Saigon version is served as a cup with the condensed milk already added and the coffee already steeped and served in a small french press for the patron to add themselves to the cup. Love it.

Philip over 1 year ago

I've tried and love agave nectar. It can get a bit expensive (at least where I'm at) and my standby has always been simple syrup. Just remember to factor in the amount of sweetener, volume-wise, when selecting a cup size. Spillovers are embarrassing when entertaining!

Sheila over 1 year ago

Condensed milk is amazing, so I would think dulce Le leche would be fantastic ! I only use condensed milk rarely as a treat. I really like honey and love to add vanilla bean paste with it. YUM !

SoonerGal over 1 year ago

My DH loves a fair amount Caramel Syrup in his morning latte. I can go for a smidge of agave in my morning lungo, with a tablespoon of half-n-half (my indulgence coffee). I do like Vietnamese coffee, as well. My fav though is still a good ol' cafe con leche, hold the sweet. Yum!