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A Primer on Pour Over Brewing

Of all the alternative ways that you could brew drip coffee, the pour over method has entered the vogue as one of the most popular in modern times. Last week Marc and Morgan produced a video covering some of the basic techniques used for pour over when brewing with some Hario equipment. In response I authored this blog as something of a companion piece to offer a few of my own insights to help you at home. I want to expand on some of the topics they covered and go into a bit greater detail...

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Quick Tip: Coffee & Espresso Serving Temperatures

Some like it hot, but are you serving your coffee or espresso too hot? Marc and Morgan from take a look at the difference between brewing temperature and serving temperature for a variety of brewing methods. Learn suggested serving temperatures and how it affects the ability to taste subtle flavor variations especially in espresso and specialty coffees. Shop everything coffee:

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New Brew: Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Check out This New Brand at Whole Latte Love.Dedicated to true connoisseurs, Kimbo Coffee appeals to coffee drinkers looking to experience authentic Italian espresso. Kimbo's coffees are roasted and blended according to traditions local to Naples Italy for the last 50 years. Kimbo's exquisite blends are an integral part of Neapolitan coffee culture, with beans selected from among the best varieties produced.Shop Kimbo Espresso.

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Friday Shots: Maromas Platinea on Profitec Pro 500 HX

A new shot almost every Friday. A close-up look at an extraction start to finish with all the details on coffee used, grinder, dose machine etc. Tell us what you think, share shots of your shots, tell us about your best extractions, favorite coffees, machine, grinder, etc.Check out the products used belowMaromas Platinea Whole Bean EspressoProfitec Pro 500

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New Brew: Parisi Artisan Coffee

A Cup of Art.Great coffee is motivational. Inspirational. Timeless moments are often shared over a cup. Parisi takes coffee seriously. Selecting, roasting and brewing it right is an art. Parisi Coffee is their proud, passionate homage to their Italian heritage.Check out Whole Latte Love's Line of Parisi Artisan Coffee.

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New Brew: Gimme! Coffee

New, Delicious, Upstate New York Coffees! Delicious Gimme! Coffee blends and single origin coffees are now available at Whole Latte Love.Committed to quality, innovation, and sustainable business practices. Gimme! Coffee's direct relationship with Finca San Luis earned them the Good Food Award three years in a row. Their coffees garner high praise on cupping lists and win recognition from press, consumers, and coffee professionals. Gimme! cultivates relationships with farmers around the globe...

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New Lavazza Drip Coffees at Whole Latte Love

New Delicious CoffeesIntroducing four new ground coffees perfect for drip or press brewing by Lavazza, Italy's favorite coffee.Click below for links to these products on Whole Latte Love's siteLavazza ClassicoLavazza Gran AromaLavazza Gran SelezioneLavazza Perfetto

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Lavazza: History & Brand

Learn More about the History of this BrandLearn about the Lavazza brand as we visit the headquarters of Lavazza USA.Lavazza, founded in Turin, Italy, in 1895, has been family-owned and managed since its inception. Today, Lavazza is Italy's favorite coffee, one of the leading brands in Europe, the sixth largest roaster in the world and a global provider of espresso, coffee and single-serve systems for the Home and Out-of-Home markets.Buy it here.

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