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Wrapping Up Our Giveaways

Hi everyone, It's hard to believe that August is almost over! On that note I'm sad to say that we'll be concluding our weekly giveaways for the time being. I'd like to thank everybody who participated, definitely keep your eyes peeled for future contests. Now, without further...

By Nick B
Defending Decaf

For a lot of people, hearing the word 'decaf' put before coffee makes them shudder. I’d like to expand on a few of the reasons why decaf exists and hopefully shed some light on just how carefully decaf drinkers are considered in the coffee world. This may not change how people react...

Flashback Favorites: Defining Espresso Drinks

Not certain what an americano, red eye or ristretto is? Here's a look back at one of our popular videos on defining espresso drinks. Shop everything coffee:

Weekly Giveaway! - Waechtersbach Chalk Talk Mugs

Hi everyone, I’d like to start by congratulating the winner of last week’s giveaway, Chickie Brewer! She’ll be receiving a bag of Parisi Coffee’s Sumatra Mandheling single-origin espresso. This week we’ve got something a little different, the super cool Chalk Talk...

By Nick B
Hazelnut Frappe Recipe

It's August and that means two things, it's National Coffee Month and we’re heading into the dog days of summer. Cooling off with a delicious frozen coffee beverage is one of the many things I love about summertime and a Hazelnut Frappe is an easy one to make that will keep you cool...

Recipe: How to Make a Hazelnut Frappe

Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a Hazelnut Frappe at home. How to Make Cold Brew Coffee: Monin Hazelnut Syrup:

10 Reasons Why We Drink Coffee

If there’s something that you enjoy doing, odds are you don’t stop to question why exactly you repeat the process. However, with something as versatile as coffee drinking, I was amazed to find just how many various reasons there are as to why people depend on the stuff. Whether social...

Getting Acquainted With Ancap

When it comes to your enjoyment of coffee, an overlooked factor that can sometimes make or break your experience is the cup you put it in. An excellently crafted drink is a thing of beauty, so logic dictates that you pair it with some equally excellent drinkware. I’m a stickler for this...

How to Make a Coffee Protein Smoothie

Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a delicious Coffee Protein Smoothie. The perfect way to start your day! How to Make Cold Brewed Coffee: Shop everything coffee:

Recipe: Cappuccino Cooler

Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a Cappuccino Cooler. Cool down and get caffeinated with this easy-to-make tasty treat! How to Make Cold Press Coffee: Shop everything coffee:

How to Make a Marocchino

Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a marocchino at home. This Italian coffee drink is served in a small a glass and consists of espresso, chocolate, milk foam and cocoa powder. Shop everything coffee here: Lavazza Top Class:...

New Brew: Ancap USA Cups & Saucers

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love give you a look at the Ancap USA line which ranges from espresso cups to a jumbo 16.2oz latte cup & saucer. Ancap USA was established in 2012 as the U.S. distributor for d'ANCAP S.P.A., an Italian porcelain manufacturer focused on producing high quality...

Recipe: Irish Elixir Espresso

Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a delicious Irish Elixir Espresso! This caffeinated chocolate and mint flavored drink is perfect for St. Patrick's Day! Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: Defining Espresso Drinks

The espresso field guide! Learn about the different sizes and styles of espresso beverages including Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Doppio, Lungo, Americano, Long Black and Red Eye. This video does not cover milk-based espresso drinks. Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: Milk for Lattes and Cappuccinos

The technique for steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos starts out the same but the finish is different. Are you or your barista doing it right? Plus, learn how temperature effects milk flavor and the temperature for the sweetest milk.

Quick Tip: Defining Milk Based Espresso Drinks

Learn about the some of the different milk-based espresso beverages including latte, cappuccino, macchiato, latte macchiato and mocha. Shop everything coffee here:

Quick Tip: Secret to a Top Class Latte

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love share secrets to making a delicious latte at home using Lavazza Top Class. Lavazza Top Class: How to Create Latte Art:

Valentine's Day Recipe: Cupid Cappuccino

Are you looking for a romantic treat to make for that special someone this Valentine's Day? Morgan from Whole Latte Love shows you how to make a Cupid Cappuccino. Shop everything coffee here: