Manual Espresso Machines

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The ROK Espresso Maker

The ROK Espresso Maker: Available in Three Exciting Colors! The colorful new ROK Espresso Makers available now! These fun new versions are every bit as durable and capable as their aluminum counterparts and include all of the same accessories including the handy storage tin. The Colors So let’s take a bit of a closer look at the colors shall we? The first is an elegant black espresso maker with polished chrome handles. Second is a unique copper colored ROK to bring some rustic...

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Handpresso Espresso Machine Review

Just Brew It: Handpress[t]o! Are you a coffee fiend who ventures far from their precious home espresso machine? Do you often stay in motels where coffee is more easily likened to dirty water, and half-way decent espresso is at least three towns away? Or maybe you like to camp, in which case you may be in for a long, hilly ocean laden trek to Italy--well the Handpresso Wild Hybrid Outdoor Set might just be the answer to your caffeine deprivation. This portable espresso machine is...

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Espresso Anywhere: The Handpresso Wild Hybrid

It's Alive! The Handpresso Wild Hybrid and innovation are synonymous; and, while that is an outstanding characteristic, much more can be said about the new Handpresso Wild Hybrid. When I first started working at Whole Latte Love I had heard of Handpresso and of the two varieties of hand-held espresso machines they made, the Handpresso Wild and the Handpresso DomePod. Now, this is where the Handpresso Wild Hybrid really shines. As a combination of both machines, the Hybrid can brew...

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The ROK Espresso Maker

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ROK IN ACTION! My job allows me to play around with some pretty cool stuff, but today I had the opportunity to test out something awesome. If you haven’t already heard of the ROK espresso maker, let me tell you a little bit about it. It's a manual espresso machine from Presso, Ltd. and it’s making waves at the London Coffee Festival. Needless to say, I was stoked. So, I grabbed some coffee, our hot water kettle, and a few volunteers, and we went to...

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The Gaggia Achille Manual Espresso Machine

If you have ever wanted to pull a shot of espresso the traditional way, using a lever machine, you should watch this video on the Gaggia Achille. It is a heat exchange lever machine, which makes it unique. You can brew and steam at the same time, as well as add water to the boiler when the machine is turned on. The Gaggia Achille manual espresso machine is fun to use, brews great shots and has a very classic design. Mike and I will show you how to use this classic machine and give you some...

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Super-Automatics – The Ease of a 1-Button Brew

Welcome back for the third and tentatively final blog on the different types of espresso machines. Hopefully, this blog series has given you a bit of an insight on the types of machines available to you, and can act as a great starting point for when you call in to us here at Whole Latte Love. This time around we’ll be discussing the made-for-convenience Super-Automatic espresso machine. The super-auto is ideal for the busy espresso drinker, or someone who doesn’t want to fumble around in the...

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The Types of Espresso Machines – Manuals

The toughest part of being in the Whole Latte Love sales department is finding the right machine to fit a particular customer’s needs. As such, I thought it would be great to give a bit of a breakdown of the machine types (and sub-types) for those coffee lovers out there researching their next machine. There are three basic machine types: Manual, Semi-Automatic and Super-Automatic. For this blog, I’ll be starting with the Manual Espresso Machine. Total Control Manual machines give the...

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Making coffee & turning heads with my Handpresso

Not long ago we received a new product called the Handpresso Wild. This is a handheld espresso machine that weighs less than 2lbs. It is perfect to take with you on a trip or anytime you want great coffee on the go. We recently went on a business trip and decided to bring the Handpresso for a trial run. The first obstacle was seeing what would happen during security at the airport. As we passed through, the bag with the Handpresso did cause an additional check. The gentlemen asked what...

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