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How to Make an Organic Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall is right around the corner and the coffee shops will soon be lined with customers waiting to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s my personal favorite when it comes to seasonal beverages but you won’t find me waiting in a line to get my fix because I will be making them at home and you can too!   This recipe uses all organic ingredients and has half the calories of a Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte. Another bonus is that it has actual pumpkin in...

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Espresso Creme Brulee

  Reddy4Coffee        Recipes

We all know that coffee and sweets go together exceptionally well. If you are looking for a true match made in heaven, treat yourself to some Creme Brulee with your coffee. There are a variety of excellent Creme Brulee recipes that not only pair well with coffee but actually incorporate it as an ingredient. A delicious example of this is Espresso Creme Brulee from Cooking Light. What makes this dessert stand apart from all others is creating that burnt-sugar shell which can be done using a...

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National Gingerbread Day!

  Nick B        Recipes

Continuing with the trend of recognizing less known holidays, today I'd like to acknowledge National Gingerbread Day. Now, one might wonder how to celebrate gingerbread; I say, with a latte! In honor of this special day, the seasoned baristas here at Whole Latte Love have whipped up just the recipe for the occasion. For the Gingerbread Latte You're Going to Need: 1 Shot of Espresso 1 tsp. of Gingerbread...

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Chocolate and Coffee: The Best of Both Worlds

  Nick B        Recipes

Today there's definitely some cause for celebration; it's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Now, as much as we love chocolate here at Whole Latte Love, we love chocolate and coffee even more. So, in honor of this delicious day, we've got a recipe for you that combines the best of both worlds. For the Mocha Shake You're Going to Need: 1 cup of strong chilled coffee 1 cup of milk 3 tbsp of sugar 3 cups of vanilla ice cream (If you use chocolate we won't tell...

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Irish Crema Recipe

  Nick B        Recipes

I’ve got to say that as much as I’ve missed blogging, I’ve missed treating myself even more! But, I’ve been inspired by our awesome Brew-BQ contest to do my best to come up with some recipes of my own to share with you guys and this week I’ve got a cool little concoction that I’ve dubbed the Irish Crema. Ingredients 1 Shot of Espresso(1-1.5 oz depending on your preference, brewed and chilled in advance) 1oz of Milk 2oz of Irish...

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My Favorite Dessert Coffee Recipe

For the Sweet Tooth I thought it was time that I share my favorite coffee recipe. Personally, I favor the chilled coffees, the mochas, or frappes or frappuccinos. Whatever you like to call it, my taste buds just like chilled coffee better. An aberration of sorts at an espresso machine company, I know. But for my dessert drink, as many people refer to it, is made with just an espresso machine and a blender. Ingredients: Double shot basket filled even and tamped with...

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How to Make Great Iced Coffee

  mjackson        Recipes

Cool Down Your Summer Now that summer is here, I crave a cool refreshing beverage. I really love a great iced coffee; it is very refreshing, satisfies my desire for caffeine, and sometimes it can be absolutely delicious. Adding the Sweetness In one of my previous blogs Coffee-Creamer-and-me I had talked about how, I only put cream in my coffee, if I did not think the coffee was going to yield a quality beverage. I do not apply this rule to iced coffee. I have found that adding cream...

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A Favorite Coffee Recipe Going into Winter

A Drink for When Things are Cooling Down Going into Winter, cold drinks just aren’t as good, especially if they have chunks of ice in them. I’m the odd man out here, at Whole Latte Love, in that I prefer cold coffee drinks as opposed to hot ones. I’ve been tweaking my favorite drink recipe, for the season, and thought I’d share it with the world again. It’s as good as ever, I think even better, and still low-calorie compared to other drinks. The...

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