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New Brew: Bonavita for Specialty Coffee & Tea

Marc and Morgan from Whole Latte Love take a look at Bonavita's newest addition to their successful line of variable temperature kettles, the Bonavita Variable Temperature 1.7-liter Digital Gooseneck Kettle. Available here:...

Teaposy Wedding

Summer is the perfect time for family vacations, relaxing and the familiar sound of wedding bells. This summer, my younger sister, Kirsten was married. As the younger sister, she received a lot of help planning her wedding from her older, married sisters. As we met to discuss the upcoming...

By Tracys
Relish the Concert of Teaposy

As most classic music buffs know, a concert is a piece of music written for an orchestra and soloist. Everyone form Mozart to Vivaldi and Beethoven wrote their fair share and modern composers continue writing them today. A successful concert is the result of the orchestra carefully balancing the...

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Discover the unique flavor of Teaposy

Ever wonder what a Teaposy flowering tea taste like? This is a question we receive quite frequently. Teaposy teas are created from the finest Silver Needle White Tea, and lightly scented with fresh Jasmine flowers. Each tea is individually hand-sewn with cotton thread combining tea leaves and a...

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Teaposy Birthday Party

Every year we spend countless hours trying to decide on a special theme for each one of our children’s birthday parties. When my daughter was turning 11 she requested that we have a Teaposy birthday party. I introduced my family to Teaposy the week prior when I brought some samples home. This...

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White Tea: A Healthy Brew You!

Having two kids around the house has made me realize that I wanted to set the best example possible for them. I modified my diet, starting exercising more (a lot more! I put in 2 hours a day, 6 days a week in our basement home gym) and started looking for supplements and health aides that...

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The Tea that keeps on giving

Teaposy as a centerpiece? Teaposy Til next time! Tracy

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Teaposy Party!

Hi, my name is Tracy and I have had the pleasure of working for Whole Latte Love for the past 5 years. You can get a glimpse of me via the videos on the website. Now you may be surprised to find out that I have 3 children ranging in age from 9 to 13. (I'm still in denial! ) At my house, the...

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