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Can the seal behind the shower screen be replaced?

I have a Baby Gaggia I purchased in 2006  (serial # is 0106057322).  I haven't used it in at least a year, but pulled it out today.  I  tested it first with water only and as the machine warmed up, water came dripping out around the edges of the portafilter.  I...

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by: Lauren (♥0) | Sep 02, 2014

Expobar Office Lever running too cool?

I've recently upgraded to the Expbar Office Lever from a Gaggia Classic.  I am getting pretty good results from the new Office Lever, and I am having a blast using the machine.  However, I am running into a curious problem.  If I allow the machine to idle for more than an hour,...

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by: KBeck (♥0) | Sep 01, 2014


jura J9 refurb

I would like to purchase the refurb jura j9. What is the return policy if it is still broken or only temp fixed?  Is it factory refurbed by Jura or someone else?   thanks -garnet

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by: garnet (♥0) | Aug 31, 2014

Krups Portafilter

What is the diameter of the Portafilter in the Krups XP618050?

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by: Hal (♥0) | Aug 30, 2014

Filter type for the Technivorm Mocchamaster

What type of filter does it use, cone or basket?

1 answers

by: Eugene (♥0) | Aug 30, 2014

Water softener cartridges

When should the softener cartridge be replaced and what material(s) are used in the cartridges?

1 answers

by: DBlevins (♥0) | Aug 30, 2014


espresso machine repair

I have a Giotto home espresso machine (earlier version of the Rocket that WLL advertises). I live in the Washington DC area and have not been able to find anyone that can service the machine. I am willing to drive up as far as Philadelphia. I simply have not been able to find any place...

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by: Jryan (♥0) | Aug 29, 2014


Any estimate to have it back in stock?

1 answers

by: Arkadiy Chernov (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Dead switch on Gaggia MDF?

I have a Gaggia MDF that I have used for almost two years without incident -- until today.  It seems the switch to the machine has failed.  But I cannot remove the switch.  The screws attaching the base plate have an unusual head on them, and I don't seem to have any...

1 answers

by: Christian Haugsby (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Coffee only coming out of one spout

Only one spout seems to be working, the other only occasionally drips. I have tried cleaning the brew group and checked the alignment.  What's the problem?

1 answers

by: PMM (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Is the cup rail on the top of the machine removable?

Hurts to even ask the question, but the machine is about 1/2 inch too tall to fit between my lower and upper cabinets in the kitchen. Was wondering if the cup rail was made to be removed by any chance?

2 answers

by: Dennis (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014


cleaning coffee spouts gaggia vogue

I own a gaggia vogue and one of the coffee spouts only drips coffee while coffee pours freely over the other one.  When I plug the spout from which coffee comes out freely, that forces coffee to come out from the spout that only dripped coffee before.  I suspect that oil residue has...

2 answers

by: TVR (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Expobar Office Control

Until a month ago, I was very happy with the consistent running of my Expobar Office Control. I installed a thermosyphon restrictor on it  about 2 years ago. Last month, it started acting up. When I prime it before pulling a shot, there used to be about 6 ounces of water flow during about a...

1 answers

by: fredbram (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Milk no longer frothing

I got a great deal from you on a refurbished Gaggia Titanium unit. Worked great in making lattes for the first 70 cups. For the last 4 however, the milk steamer has been behaving differently, no longer making a nice head of froth. There *is* steam coming out (and I can't tell if it's less...

2 answers

by: Schizoid Man (♥0) | Aug 28, 2014

Cuisinart EM100 Espresso Machine

I received an EM100 Cuisinart espresso machine as a gift.  When it came to frothing the milk, the machine made a thumping noise and  the wand produced a few bubbles and stopped.  I returned the machine and received another.  Today, I followed the instructions exactley and when...

2 answers

by: Pamela (♥0) | Aug 27, 2014


Gaggia Swing Up Milk Island

I just opened the box for the milk island and watched your video on how to make frothed milk with the island.  However, your video does not address the extra clear cup & lid that comes with the milk island and the frothing carafe.  What's the purpose of that cup?  What is...

2 answers

by: fivecomps (♥0) | Aug 27, 2014

Is this the standard double shot commercial (NON PRESSURIZED) basket?

My Gaggia Baby Class only came with pressurized filters. Will this work as a non-pressurized filter? 

1 answers

by: Jeremiah Wolf (♥0) | Aug 27, 2014

Jura Impressa S VS Gaggia Titanium Office

We have an Impressa S9 that is 4 years old in a small office (19 people). It has beeen great aside from the time-consuming maintenance procedures. It is leaking (from the tank I believe).  Since the Gaggia is quite a bit less expensive I thougt I'd check into it. Would the Gaggia...

1 answers

by: rmurphy (♥0) | Aug 27, 2014

DeLonghi Water Filter DLS C002

Will this filter also fit the ESAM6900 Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive?

2 answers

by: Latté Lover (♥5) | Aug 27, 2014

brew valve cleaning

Can anyone tell me how I can remove this valve for cleaning . I have removed my shower holding plate but can't quite see what is in the centre hole .

2 answers

by: Frederick Allan Jones (♥0) | Aug 26, 2014