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by: Thomas (♥0) | May 27, 2015

DeLonghi ec155

I have had a Delonghi ec155 since Christmas 2014, and have used it almost daily.  Now I am getting only dripping when I do an extraction.  I have varied the tamping pressure and get a stream when I loosely tamp, but that seems to go counter to a good espresso.  I have also flushed...

2 answers

by: Artd33 (♥0) | May 26, 2015


Gaggia Evolution- Steam issues

I recently bought (Dec 2014) a Gaggia Evolution Expresso machine.  Lately when I turn on the steam, steam starts coming out of the area where the coffee comes out. A lot of steam comes out before the green light comes on (light that tells me steam is ready). When this...

1 answers

by: Eva (♥0) | May 26, 2015


Telephone Number

Dear all, do you have a telephone number to call you to talk about my search for the ECM Classika II? Am in CA this week and would like to fix my request and to order. Looking forward to hear from you. Wolfgang

1 answers

by: Wolfgang (♥0) | May 25, 2015

Excess water in drip tray?

I've  had a Gaggia Brera for about 1 month. The coffee is great and ease of use/cleaning is fantastic. I'm puzzled, however, by the amount of water in the drip tray.  When the machine is warming up it runs a shots worth of water through, but I always catch it in a cup, likewise...

1 answers

by: Andrew McKenzie (♥0) | May 25, 2015


Portafilter is very tight in brewhead

The portafilter fits in the brew head fine when it has no filter in it but when I add the filter it is very difficult to get the portafilter to screw into the brewhead--in fact it takes hercules to do it--It has always been a little tight since purchase but yesterday it would not even move--I set...

2 answers

by: lackeybandit (♥0) | May 24, 2015


Handpresso auto

Your website is great. I've been looking for a very small, not cumbersome espresso maker for travel that I can throw into my suitcase.  I love everything about the Handpresso Auto (heats the water, takes pods or loose coffee, is automatic) except that I would want to make it inside,...

1 answers

by: Susan (♥0) | May 23, 2015


Milk caraffe spitting and unit is leaking from bottom - help!!!

I have had my Gaggia for 3 years and have always used Almond or Soymilk in the caraffe for lattes. I descale and run cleaning cycles when instructed and it's cleaned after every latte. In addition I use soap and water to clean the caraffe every 3 days and let it air dry. A few days ago,...

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by: Betsy Rafail (♥0) | May 23, 2015


I have purchased (2) machines from you and love them both. A Coffee Gaggia and a Baby Gaggia Twin. The Gaggia Baby Twin I had in my office before I retired and It got a lot of use. The problem now is when I try to use the frothing wand pops out of the machine! The Coffee Gaggia machine...

2 answers

by: macdr (♥0) | May 23, 2015


Adjustment for prior purchases

On January 12 we purchased the Saeco Intelia One Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Espresso machine and was not happy with the machine and returned it.  Then on March 5 we purchased the Gaggia Platinum Swing-up Super Automatic Espresso Machine (no milk island), unfortunately the switch was...

1 answers

by: Patricia (♥0) | May 22, 2015

Pump type?

Vibration or rotary pump?

1 answers

by: ??????? ???????? (♥0) | May 22, 2015

Ground coffee

Can this version also take a ground coffee adaptor or ground coffee arm?

1 answers

by: Steven Berardi (♥0) | May 21, 2015

Lavazza Super Crema

How old is the mfd date and how long is the coffee still good?  

1 answers

by: Richard (♥0) | May 21, 2015


Handpresso auto for hotel?

Is there a hand press auto that has a plug for electrical outlets?  This would be great for travel if you don't want to make coffee in your car (which I don't).  Or, is there another small, portable espresso maker made for travel?

1 answers

by: Susan (♥0) | May 21, 2015

Backflush disc

Will the stainless steel backflush disc fit a Gaggia Classic?

1 answers

by: Sydney (♥0) | May 21, 2015

pod coffee only or compatible with ground coffee handle?

Hello, is this machine compatible with the ground coffee handle? Or just works for pods? In addition, I found a few Refurbished FrancisFrancis! X1 machines with different prices. I am wondering what makes them different. Thanks!   

1 answers

by: alpapa (♥0) | May 20, 2015


replacement infusion chamber for 5 cup yuma vacuum system

Any Idea where I can find an infusion chamber, I broke the stem on mine?  

1 answers

by: kevin (♥0) | May 19, 2015


Hello. I have Brewtus IV-R, will this tray be compatable?

1 answers

by: Arthur SH (♥0) | May 18, 2015

Gaggia Titanium Super Automatic: steam is too watery

Our machine is about 4 years old.  I just descaled it (following the directions in the manual, which I do every few months).  Now, the steam is coming out with a lot of water in it and diluting the milk.  We always drain the steam valve to get rid of the water before steaming, but...

1 answers

by: stephanieking (♥0) | May 18, 2015


Descaling the Gaggia Brera

My new Gaggia Brera is ready for the first descaling, however, I went to order the Gaggia desclaer and see its out of stock at your store.  The manual says to only use the Gaggia descaler solution. Is there anything else I can use or buy?

1 answers

by: Mariabella (♥0) | May 17, 2015