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Refurbished Jura Impressa Z7 One Touch Jura-Capresso share sale! $999.00

Hi,this jay, is it in working condition? is there automatic clean? how long has it been used? is there any other parts missing and how much is the stainless steel vacuum milk machine? we really want to purchase this coffee machine but we are concern of the working condition the most. thank you!

3 answers

by: jay (♥0) | Sep 19, 2014

220 or 110/120?

The Ceado site only mentions a 220 volt version.  Is this a 110/120 volt version?

1 answers

by: Will (♥0) | Sep 18, 2014

shipping to Europe

Hi guys, I need a spare part for my Gaggia Classic espresso coffee machine (aluminium shower holder assembly retailing at $15.42 on your website). Do you ship your parts to Europe. What would the shipping fees be? These parts became a rarity in Europe for now. All your efforts to answer...

1 answers

by: Regis (♥0) | Sep 18, 2014



Hello, Fine Italian Coffee is a small Family Owner business located in Southern California (San Diego area) Is there any possibilityto open a re-seller account with your company? Best Regards Antonio Sacco Operations Manager 760-453-5942

1 answers

by: FineItalian Coffee (♥0) | Sep 18, 2014

2-hole tip for livia G4

I would like a small 2-hole tip for the steam wand.  Does anyone know what will fit? I had one but the G4 tip is bucket shaped and my tip is cone shape and it doesn't screw in far enough to seal agains the o-ring.  It is unclear if it is because of the plastic sleeve in the wand or...

0 answers

by: Rosanne (♥0) | Sep 18, 2014


De longhi EC 702

What type of portafilter and filter I can buy for my de longhi ec 702, different that the one that it comes with the machine?  

1 answers

by: Danny (♥0) | Sep 18, 2014


Longevity of DeLonghikmix espresso machines

I just bought a DeLonghi KMix espresso machine did good research on it before buying but a statement on a video has me worried she stated that these machines only last about 2 years.... would like input on this... should I return it ? I've really enjoyed it makes god shots and the steamer is...

0 answers

by: Susan (♥0) | Sep 17, 2014

Best SuperAutomatic for Lattes?

I'm looking for a machine that: Makes a HOT 12oz double shot latte with dense creamy foam Is one-touch as opposed to a steam wand Is very easy to clean, especially the milk components Accomodates a to-go cup up to 5inches Is under $2,000 I'm considering the...

1 answers

by: angelad (♥0) | Sep 17, 2014

International shipping and world warranty

Can I receive the product by international shipping? I'd like to order to Hong Kong. Moreover, can I get 2 year warranty from other countries such as Hong Kong and South Korea?

1 answers

by: DK (♥0) | Sep 16, 2014


Super Automatics to consider

I bought a Delonghi Magnifica S from you 4-5 years ago and it has performed admirably.  I now need to get a second machine for a second house.  I have tried to compare various brands/models and think I should just get the new version of the Magnifica S ECAM 23450 SL I believe. It works...

1 answers

by: bill (♥0) | Sep 15, 2014

Gaggia Brera bypass results in dumped dry grounds

Hi, when I use the bypass doser my machine dumps the dry grounds without making a shot.  Have cleaned, decalcified, tried various dose amounts, prayed to the coffee gods and cursed like a sailor (which I am).  Any other ideas?  Works fine when whole beans are ground, but my...

1 answers

by: JOHN PIERCE (♥0) | Sep 15, 2014

capresso burrs

Hi, I asked a question about these a while ago and got an answer - but I have looked more closley at the burrs and now I see they are torn up!  It looks as though the upper and lower have come in contact - the upper (the ring) has metal burrs formed (in this case I mean burr as in the...

1 answers

by: Aaron D (♥0) | Sep 15, 2014

Bezzera Strega Question....

I've read a lot aboutt the Bezzera Strega online and all the reviews say it makes exceptional espresso.  My question: if you primarily drink cappuccinos and lattes, will you taste a difference between a cappuccino made on the strega and another top notch prosumer machine like the La...

1 answers

by: Pastor Wes (♥0) | Sep 15, 2014

water filter

What filter do we use with the Talea Giro?  Filter number?

1 answers

by: cindy (♥0) | Sep 14, 2014

This product Gaggia Espresso Pure, Color Can I apply?

This product Gaggia Espresso Pure, Color Can I apply?

1 answers

by: joungwy (♥0) | Sep 14, 2014

O-ring placement

Hi!   I replaced the group gasket according to your great, informative video. The red o ring came out with the boiler unit, and I'm not sure how and where it's supposed to go back in. I didn't see the o ring in the video, but out it came with my boiler unit once I took the...

2 answers

by: Amanda Gates Armstrong (♥0) | Sep 12, 2014


I want to make sure I order the right size.  I'm not that familiar with the size differences...  

1 answers

by: Steph Bullock (♥0) | Sep 12, 2014


Lever, Pulser or Alexia

I am looking for a new espresso machine. I have a 2003 Silvia that show sign of wear (I have already change the heater once and 2 pumps). I make about 10 espresso a day (almost never heat milk). I am looking for a new machine in the 1000$ range. I live in Canada, Québec). I am looking at...

2 answers

by: William (♥0) | Sep 12, 2014

Latte Art Wand

Do you have an update on the availability of the latte art panarello wand?

1 answers

by: Brad S. (♥0) | Sep 12, 2014

Not so fine any more...

I've been using mine for a little over a year and it's not grinding as fine as it did a couple of months ago.  I used to be able to choke my Gaggia Classic, but now I can't get a pull to run for more than 12 seconds.  That's at the very finest setting and really leaning...

2 answers

by: Aaron D (♥0) | Sep 10, 2014