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Grinder function

Does this grinder have a manual function? And also compatible with mazzer mini short hopper?

0 answers

by: David Lee (♥0) | Mar 05, 2015

Where to buy extra grounds drawers?

I have been looking, but can't seem to find, where to buy additional loose coffee/tea drawers for the My Cafe brewer. Does anyone know where I can purchase 2?

1 answers

by: Lenore Nevermore (♥0) | Mar 05, 2015

refurbished or used

Is this machine refurbished and looks new or is it used and looks used?

1 answers

by: Rick (♥0) | Mar 05, 2015


Profitec 500-Orange Light

I just recieved my Profitec 500. After setting it up the orange light stays on, is that suppose to happen?? Or does it go on when there is low water??

1 answers

by: hglass (♥0) | Mar 04, 2015


No power after adjusting steam knob stops

I removed the two cables connected to the upper body assembly - on the exploded view of parts, #9, and a heater cable that heats the top of the upper body assy. I was careful to make sure the #9 cable fit prperly, still no power to the machine. I checked the wall plug for continuity, it's...

1 answers

by: Jim Sloane (♥0) | Mar 04, 2015


Milk frother doesn't work on Gaggia Evolution

The milk frother on my Gaggia Evolution no longer works.  How do I fix this?

1 answers

by: jtalmage1 (♥0) | Mar 04, 2015

Milk foam in cappuccino

we have had the gaggia accademia for 2 months. It was fantastic until a couple of days ago. There is no more foam in cappuccino- I have not done anything different from the previous weeks. I cleaned all the parts with water on Sunday as usual. Any idea what the issue could be? 

1 answers

by: Kanthi (♥0) | Mar 04, 2015

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine vs Refurbished Expobar Office Lever Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Hello Whole latte Love Experts. I have had a Classic Gaggia for about 6 years now and am thinking about an upgrade. I am looking at the spec diffrences of the Pasquini Lovietta T2 and a referbished Expobar Office Lover Semi Automater and am quite literally overwhelmed with all the detail...

1 answers

by: Cjurado (♥0) | Mar 03, 2015

Replacement Parts

Do you know of anywhere to purchase the bottom half? Dropped it while cleaning it today and can't seem to find it anywhere :(

1 answers

by: wJones (♥0) | Mar 03, 2015

Bazzera Galatea

1- 58 mm Espro Calibrated Tamper Convex Base does it fit the Porta filter 2- what is difference between it and bezzera Guilia, except external look, does the valves of steam and water make difference or advantage or just decoration

1 answers

by: Hussein Mahmoud M. Ali (♥0) | Mar 03, 2015

How to program a gaggi a brera machine

How to program gaggi a brera for best espresso  

1 answers

by: Tina Elsea (♥0) | Mar 03, 2015


Help me pick?

Hey WLL,  I've started looking at super-automatics and can't decide (1) if I should get one, and if so, (2) which should I get? The budget is in the $400-600 range. I like dark-roast beans, which I understand is a problem for some/many machines because the oils can lead to...

1 answers

by: JAB (♥0) | Mar 02, 2015

profitec pro 500 height

I have a tight clearance of 16"for height.  Is the 15.47" include the cup rails?  Also...if you have to slide the machine out to fill the resivoir, is it difficult to do?  

1 answers

by: lageson (♥0) | Mar 01, 2015


Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT

I am shopping for an expresso maker. The Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT has captured my attemtion. I've watched a number of videos, read on-line articles & reviews, studied the Jura User manual, etc. All in all, this machine raelly seems like a top flight automatic machine yet...

1 answers

by: RonR (♥0) | Mar 01, 2015

Gaggia Platinum Swing Error message [1]

Our Gaggia Platinum Swing is showing "Out of Service [1]"  We took out the beans and cleaned the grinder of beans, cleaned the brew group, turned off the machine and restarted, but the message persists.  Please advise. Thank you.

1 answers

by: gibbonsgf (♥0) | Mar 01, 2015


Choosing an automatic drip coffee machine with thermal carafe?

I am in the market to purchase a new automatic drip coffee machine and would like to have your comparison of ones on the market with your pros and cons. Price point is around $250 - could go up, but prefer to go down in price.  Thank you.  

1 answers

by: Chris (♥0) | Mar 01, 2015

Descaling Pasquini Livia G4

I've read all sorts of complicated instructions for descaling the Pasquini Livia G4.  What process does WLL recommend?  Might you do a YouTube presentation?

5 answers

by: Brian Ampolsk (♥0) | Mar 01, 2015

First time buyer

I have been researching espresso machines and am really confused about which one to buy. Since I am a novice at this, I do not want to put a lot of money into it, but I do want a good cup of espresso. I am pretty much a latte or cappuccino drinker and am tired of spending $5 for a starbucks. I...

1 answers

by: Debbie (♥0) | Feb 28, 2015

Accessories for Pasquini Livia G4

Hello,   I recently bought a Pasquini Livia G4 with PID and volumetric programming from you.  I'm interested in two possible accessories: 1.  Is there a single spout Portafilter for the G4? 2.  Is there some kind of water treatment filter (as, for example, for...

1 answers

by: Brian Ampolsk (♥0) | Feb 28, 2015

New Bezzera bz10 issues

hi, I just purchased a buzzer a bz10 from you. The package arrived today. I filled it with water and turned it on. It made a loudish noise at first - it sounded like the pump came on. That happened for about a minute there there was a clicking sound and the noise stopped. I waited about 10...

1 answers

by: DPurser (♥0) | Feb 27, 2015