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How do you Change the Grinding Plates on a Gaggia Grinder?

  Doyle Johnson (0 pts)        Jul 30, 2015

I have an older Gaggia Grinder MDF and have noticed that I keep having to change to lower numbers to get decent particle size for espresso making.  I am down to #3 (used to use #5).  I bought new grinding plates but have no instruction for how to change out the old ones.

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gaggia academia

  nickie (0 pts)        Jul 29, 2015

my espresso machine gaggia academia  is stuck on empty drip tray and coffee grounds mode ,I have tried everything I can think of I turned it off I cleaned everything  I turned it back on cleaned everything again to no avail please help

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Leaking Silvia

  T Leeds (-2 pts)        Mar 30, 2015

After years of reliable service, my Silvia started leaking when I run shots.  Clear water comes out around the portafilter and I get water on the counter under the machine.  The grouphead gasket is new and its replacement did not alter the leak in any way.  The boiler does not...

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Recommendations for buying a new machine.

  caudykids (0 pts)        Jul 29, 2015

I have just returned from a month in Europe drinking the most amazing coffees, espressos and cappuccino's! I would like to stop standing in line  and begin making these at home. I know that it will be a considerable investment but I would like to do it right the first time.  I...

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how to use pre-ground in Gaggia Platinum Vision?

  tuqqer (0 pts)        Jul 29, 2015

Purchased a Gaggia Platinum last month. Love it. The LCD screen is the quality of a Nintendo toy from 1990, and its interface definitely takes a full encyclopedia manual to figure out, but the coffee is great. Our only question: how do you use the pre-ground coffee feature? In the...

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Wrench sign

  Amber (0 pts)        Jul 29, 2015

A wrench sign has appeared on my gaggia and says riavviare per risolvere il problema what to do

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Gaggia Titanium Grind Control Knob

  Tracy (0 pts)        Jul 27, 2015

Hi - I have a question regarding the numbers on the grind control knob.  Are the lower numbers for a finer grind and the higher numbers for a coarser grind? Thank you, Tracy

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Jura Impressa C9 problem

  Mary (0 pts)        Jul 27, 2015

The 6 little holes that the coffee comes out of seem to be clogged.  I called Jura; they told me to stick a paper clip up those 6 holes to try to re-open them--and to set the grinder to coarse.  That worked for about 3 coffees.  So then I tried descaling--although I always use a...

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