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Steam spewing from the portafilter

So, I've had this machine for a few years. But, recently, it's started occasionally spewing steam from the group head and portafilter. That really makes a mess out of things when I try to make espresso. I've probably not been as diligent about descaling as I should have been - could...

Gaggia Classic - cant get a good shot

I've owned this machine for over three years, and I cant get a consistently good shot. -I have thoroughly cleaned and descaled the machine carefully following instructions. -I am using a Rancillio rocky grinder, which has clean burrs and seems to work perfectly. -For a double...


Im going to perchase this machine before i do i need to get my grinder squered away. is there a reason you only wrote the Rancilio Rocky or Gaggia MDF  as grinder options in the description do you recommend those over the Bartaza vario? as thats the one i was thinking on...

upgrade gaggia

Anyone know if this can be used on a Gaggia Classic to replace the panerello wand?

Mini P Vs. Mini V2

Hi,   What is the difference between teh 2 vesrions? I've seen V2 on a competitor website, but they call it V2... thank you!

How to determine extraction time on fully automatic machine?

I just received my Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS and I'm trying to calibrate it by timing the extraction time.  I'm new to making my own espresso.  What I'm struggling with is when to consider the extraction started since the machine is automatic.  Any advice on how to...

Replacement silver water tank cover for Gaggia Synchrony Compact Digital

I need to purchase a Gaggia Synchrony Compact Digital water tank replacement cover in silver. Is this part available at WLL?  Or is there another place I can order it? HELP, please advise.

pre ground coffee , descaling

I am considering buying the lavazza ground espreso coffe but I am not sure the grind  will work in my tempermental Gaggia baby  machine as  it might be too fine or too coarse. I don't have the money now for a grinder

Gaggia Platinum Vision - dispenses water/steam, but not coffee

Yesterday I ran the normal descaling process.  As is normaly true, multiple times it has problems priming when the water runs out, and instructs me to power the machine off and on. This is almost always true when descaling. Today when I try to brew coffee, it apparently can't get any...

Which size?

Which size do you buy to go with the Gaggia Baby Class?

What's your Cafe Crema Settings?

Hi, New to the super automatic expresso machines club. We just purchased a gaggia-accademia-espresso-machine and should be delivered soon. My wife and I are mostly cafe crema drinkers and are eager to try this machine. We are upgrading from a Tassimo Disk machine and were used...

Bezzera BZ10 boiler question.

?The Bezzera BZ10 has a nickel-plated copper boiler with brass end plates, does this mean the inside of the boiler is nickleplate?  

Latte art with Prima Donna S ECAM26455M

Latte art with Prima Donna S ECAM26455M I love this machine's small size and fully automatic options. However is the manual frothing option good enough to froth milk for Latte Art? It's something I've been wanting to try but I'm not sure if this machine can do it.

switzerland roasted? medium roasted / espresso

hi, i have some question for you.   is this coffee roasted in swiss and also grounded in there also?  and this coffee bean is harvested from USA?  and when you say that blue mountain blend/specialty, exactly what kind of beans were blended?  which country and what types of...

Brewtus II

Is the thread on these tips compatible with the Brewtus II?

Work in an ECM/Rocket Espresso portafilter?

Does this pressurized filter kit work in an ECM Giotto / Rocket Espresso portafilter?  I realize that Gaggia and ECM are 58mm portafilters, but will this double wall basket bottom out or will other variances in basket diameter or design prevent the basket from properly seating against...

E.S.E. pod basket for ECM/Rocket Espresso

Will the "Gaggia double filter (+ pin)" pressurized basket work with an ECM Giotto / Rocket Espresso portafilter?  I would be using this setup for E.S.E. pods.  

Gaggia Platinum Vision - Error Message - HELP!

Hello, I have a Gaggia Platinum Vision that suddenly stopped making coffee one day - I get a wrench icon and the message "restart to solve the problem." 1.) Upon start-up the machine warms up and self-rinses, like normal. 2.) Then it will display the coffee making screen. But,...

weak coffee

gaggia platinum swiing is making weak--in  coffee and long setttings--sepresso is fine--can i adjust water settings to use less--suggestions

weak coffee

gaggia platinum swiing is making weak--in  coffee and long setttings--sepresso is fine--can i adjust water settings to use less--suggestions