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Steam Wand on Office Lever

What size is the inside diameter of the wand.  I would like to purchase a wand cleaner tool and do not know if it is the 6mm or 7.5mm?  Thanks for the help

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by: WIFL (♥0) | Jan 29, 2015



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by: BOB (♥0) | Jan 29, 2015

Jura Impress XS90 Condition.

Being that this is a discontinued machine, will the parts be available if needed? Also, have these been used or new referbished machines?

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by: Peter (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015

Cup warmer temp?

Recently purchased a Gaggia Platinum Vision machine. The cup warmer is set to "always on" but the plate is barely warm. What temp should the warming surface be? How can I tell if it's working properly? Any way to troubleshoot? Thanks for any suggestions. 

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by: SA Fan (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015


Power out

We've recently begun to use again our Gaggia Classic (over 10 years old).  We've only used it on special occasions, so it doesn't have a lot of wear.  My husband preferred to make a regular pot of coffee every morning; but expressos made dinner parties special. The...

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by: Katherine (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015

Philips owns Gaggia - I read they de-contented the Classic severely in Europe

Does anyone know if this is still the "old" model with 3 way solenoid and adjustable steam outlet valve? The newest version sold in Europe doesn't have either anymore. Also, the switchgear has been replaced with cheaper swirches and the boiler is now made from stainless steel....

2 answers

by: Wolfram Luchner (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015

Out Of service 54

I bought a new Gaggia platinum swing up coffee machine and when I set it up and turn it on it tries to warm up and says  Out of service 54. What can I do?   

2 answers

by: Mariana De La Torre (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015

Is the current model on sale for $399.00 the auto scaling version

I read that there are two versions of this machine:  one that descales and has "Gaggia" printed below "Brera" and the earlier version that obviously doesn't do auto descaling and has "Brera" printed above "Gaggia".  Can you please confirm...

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by: gglynn (♥0) | Jan 28, 2015


What are the ingredients  

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by: Pam Honthumb (♥0) | Jan 27, 2015


Would this product be good for descaling my Keurig?

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by: Regina Elese Russell (♥0) | Jan 27, 2015

machine not working

Hi I bought a EC860m a couple of years ago and it's been amazing , I've tried other machines but this is exactly what I needed until about a week ago when it just packed up. Every time I switch the machine on the yellow water light just flashes and doesn't allow me to do anything with...

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by: Shaun (♥0) | Jan 27, 2015


Is this container BPA free?  

1 answers

by: noneee (♥0) | Jan 26, 2015

The perfect tamper for Jura Capressso ec-100

Hi, I have bought a Capresso ec-100 a while ago and I would like to buy a tamper for it. A 53mm tamper may fit perfectly fine but I would like to know if anyone here have tried that. So should I go for a 51mm tamper or 53mm one? Thanks,

2 answers

by: rechate (♥0) | Jan 26, 2015

Pod filter holder

I have a Baby Gaggia. The when using pods the filter hold 'leaks' water while dispensing coffee. It doesn't do this when I use 'regular' filter holders. What am I doing wrong? I use Gaggia pods or Lavazza pds

2 answers

by: Mark Engdahl (♥0) | Jan 25, 2015


Milk Island milk temperature

How do I get the frothed milk hotter with the milk island?  I'm using non fat milk and fill the carafe about 1/4 in below the max line.  It does such a good job of frothing, that it's at the top before the milk is hot enough.

1 answers

by: Lisa60 (♥0) | Jan 25, 2015

Random problem - grinding, tamping, no coffee dispensed

At random intervals, the machine will grind and tamp the coffee, but no coffee is dispensed. The machine has been decalsified / descaled regularly. Any ideas? Is this an early sign of the machine slowly dying? The Titanium is about 7 years old and has been problem free until now.

1 answers

by: ChrisJ (♥0) | Jan 25, 2015


Are you shipping ezpobar machine in philippines?

1 answers

by: zahrashid (♥0) | Jan 25, 2015

Descaling Kit

Hi if the original descaling kit is not available what other brands could i use?

1 answers

by: Si Boey (♥0) | Jan 25, 2015

Source in USA for silvia steam wand pre-converted for Gaggia Classic?

Can anyone suggest a source in the USA for a Silvia Steam Wand, pre-converted for a Gaggia Classic?

1 answers

by: Burton (♥0) | Jan 24, 2015

Can you provide a pre-converted Silvia wand for a Gaggia Classic?

Can you provide a Silvia steam wand already converted for a Gaggia Classic?  If so how much would it cost and how long would it take to get in New York City?  I live in Guatemala (can't really ship to me there) and would need to have someone carry it down to me from NYC.

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by: Burton (♥0) | Jan 24, 2015