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Repair Service in northern California

Where can I get my Gaggia Brera repaired in northern California?  I have tried unsuccessfully all the ideas your forum and technicians have come up with and am ready to just take the darn thing in for repair!  Please advise.  I've asked your technicial support group but...

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by: Candy (♥0) | Dec 20, 2014

reduced pressure from steam wand

Hi, I bought my Office Pulsar from WLL quite some time ago ~ 10 yrs or so. I sent it back once for some issue (can't remember what) and it was fixed and had general maintenance (probably around 2007?) Anyway, I haven't used it in a long time but got it back out recently to resume my home...

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by: Rich (♥0) | Dec 20, 2014


How to clean the Silvia

Hi. Where can I find instructions for cleaning the Silvia with Cafiza tablets? Thanks, Alice

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by: alice (♥0) | Dec 20, 2014


Lavazza espresso point machine- power

Hi. Can I leave the power on the unit on indefinitely and not power off?  Should it be shut off or powered down when not used?

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by: Freddy (♥0) | Dec 19, 2014

Water Softener and Plumbing Office Lever Plus

I purhcased an Expobar Office Lever Plus approximately three weeks ago. So far I have been using the resevoir which has the single tube going into the reservoir with that water softner capsul attached to the end of the tube. Quite a bit of the literature has suggested that having this water...

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by: Gary (♥20) | Dec 19, 2014

Loose frother

After 14 months semi-regular use of a Gaggia Classic, the black plastic frother "blows off" when frothing. It is completely clean, so it's not internally plugged up. The only other cause I can think of is a worn O-ring, though it looks fine. Would that cause this...

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by: John Bussanich (♥0) | Dec 18, 2014

Grounds vs Pucks

We've had our machine for about 2-1/2 years.  Generally makes very good coffee.  A couple issues, and it's been back to WLL twice since we've owned it.  All seems well now.   Recently, it seems the grounds have not been coming out as "pucks" of coffee,...

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by: jsilver (♥0) | Dec 18, 2014


Is this part codice

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by: Dale (♥0) | Dec 17, 2014

Gaggia Platinum Vision "spitting" coffee

We've had our Gaggia Platinum Vision for about two years, which we only really use for coffee (no espressed/steamed milk drinks).  We've been good (as far as we know) about maitenance and running descaling cycles with the Gaggia solution about every three months. Recently, the...

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by: Emily (♥0) | Dec 17, 2014

water softener

Where can I get inline water softener part or resin for Lavazza Espresso Point machine?

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by: John (♥0) | Dec 17, 2014

So is it Sirai? Or Ma-Ter?

This is the best-looking HX machine for the home I've ever seen. So is it a Sirai 'stat in there per the engineer's description, or is it the smaller 'stat we see in the videos? Thanks.

1 answers

by: Eric (♥0) | Dec 17, 2014

wet grinds Gaggia Titanium

I have a Gaggia Titanium.  Grinds were coming out very wet, using a non oily bean for superautomatic machine?  Also wet sludge developing in dispensing mechanism. Machine indicates empty bean hopper when fully loaded and has stopped dispensing coffee.  Machine does not seem to...

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by: Bernie (♥0) | Dec 17, 2014

Gaggia Syncrony replacement parts service kit available

Hey Gang: Do you see some sort of maintenance parts for the Syncrony? Just got up and running for a friend and wondering if I can procure what might be a maintenance kit with especially o-rings (3 i think). Everything else is working...machine is kinda noisy in general, hard to troubleshoot. Just...

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by: Justin Kagan (♥0) | Dec 16, 2014


Does this machine have warranty?  I am looking at saeco Italia refurbished expression machine

1 answers

by: Coffee lover (♥0) | Dec 16, 2014

The site said coffee out of stock until the 16th

I tried to order 10 cans today, but satill says out of stock.  When will it be available please

1 answers

by: Allan Snyder (♥0) | Dec 16, 2014


Leaking from protafilter

I have an expobar espresso machine and for some time water has been leaking from my portafilter when pulling a shot.  I descaled and thouroughly washed everything and it still leaks.  It seems to be getting worse and I have to put a rag under to collect all the water dripping out....

1 answers

by: catshort (♥0) | Dec 16, 2014

Which Machine(s)?

Not much detail on this listing!  My (2012/2013?) Baby Twin's steam knob is stripped, so it spins on the valve post. This looks like the same knob. Will it fit?

1 answers

by: Peter (♥0) | Dec 16, 2014

Does this machine come with a Claris water filter?

I just received my Krups XP5220 espresso machine and it did not have a Claris water filter in it.  Is it supposed to have one???  Called company and they said yes but not sure.

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by: Connie (♥0) | Dec 15, 2014

ESE pods

Does this machine use only the pods or can you use your own espresso coffee and grinder? I would like a machine that I'm not limited to pods only use. Thank you!

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by: Ginger (♥0) | Dec 15, 2014


HELP! Gaggia Brera suddenly making watery espresso

My Gaggia brera is suddenly making watery espresso, and the pucks are soggy and sloppy as well. What happened and how do I fix it? I've been running mostly espresso with the occasional tall cup, and am using a dark roast that does not appear very oily.  

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by: Julia Sager (♥0) | Dec 15, 2014