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What are the dimesions of the Gaggia espresso bar?  I'm trying to find a location for it in my very tiny kitchen and need to know height, depth and width of the espresso bar with the Gaggia classic and the Gaggia MDF grinder on the base.  Thanks! Shannon

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by: Shannon (♥0) | Jul 23, 2014

My frothing wand is not working

Mt steamer does not work and the hot water comes out of the same place the espresso comes out? Any suggestions on what is wrong and how to fix? I just ordered the cleaning kit and am going to give it a good cleaning. Can I take the wand apart to clean it? Help! Thank you for any solutions or...

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by: Suzzette Metcalfe (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014



Elektra ARTSX Micro Casa Semiautomatica Espresso Machine With a Durable Brass Boiler B&B ( (Bed and Breakfasts) 9 bedrooms. Breakfasts coffee for between 5 and 20 people, never 20 at once, mostly 16 coffees scattered between 7 and 10 am. Will the Elektra manage it?  I hope so...

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by: juanvaldez (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014

compare beetven falicori zecini delicato and whole late malibor gold

compare beetven fellicori zacini delicato and whole late malabor

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by: isaakovich (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014


machine suggestions wanted

i am looking to move up from a capresso ec100, which has served me for several years. i know the coffee it makes is not great so i want better but i do not want to go high end. looking for a serviceable day-to-day machine that turns out a respectable cup of cappuccino. any suggestions?

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by: dpetestl (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014

Latte Art pannarello and backflushing

I nave 2 questions, 1. Therer are some references to a Latte Art pannarello in your videos and on the gaggiaUSA site - How can i obtain one? 2. I have heard that Gaggia espresso machines should not be backflushed. True or false? If true - why?

1 answers

by: Hal (♥0) | Jul 22, 2014

carafe construction

Is the carafe made of steel or plastic? Both materials are mentioned in the description.

1 answers

by: susan (♥0) | Jul 21, 2014


Blank display

My display is blank and the machine stopped working. Is there any possibility to get it "alive"?   Thanks in advance. Boris

1 answers

by: 162930 (♥0) | Jul 20, 2014

Grinding extra fine for expresso brewing

I recently purchased the KRUPS GVX212 grinder but even on the finest setting I am getting coffee that is not nearly fine enough for brewing with my Gaggia Classic with the pressurized filter.  I normally grind enough beans for 4 cups.

2 answers

by: Rod Madden (♥0) | Jul 20, 2014


Descaler for Prima Donna Exclusive Esam 6900

What is the best descaler to use for the superautomatic Espresso machine De Longhi Prima Donna Exclusive ESAM 6900? It came with the De Longhi Entkalker but I cant find it anywhere to buy.... in the whole latte love features it says Durgol....someone recommended De Longhi Eco chalk...

1 answers

by: Kerstin (♥0) | Jul 19, 2014

milk container

does the machine come with any type of milk container

1 answers

by: heinz (♥0) | Jul 19, 2014


is this for Gaggia Baby  or Classic?

1 answers

by: Jaehoon (♥15) | Jul 18, 2014

Gaggia Classic or baby?

Does it work on Classic or baby?

1 answers

by: Jaehoon (♥15) | Jul 18, 2014

MazzerMini Refurb

I saw you have a MazzerMini refurb in your outlet for $512. However, it only allows preorder/backorder. Is this correct, can i pre/backorder a refurbed Mini for that price? And if so, what would be the expected wait time? Thank you for your help.

1 answers

by: ujfisher (♥0) | Jul 18, 2014

Tamper= What is the size of the Tamper of DeLonghi EC702? Parts= Where to buy parts for my DeLonghi EC702? Thank you..

I woud like to buy a Tamper, however, I do not know the size.  Please tell me the size of the Tamper that would fit the filter for the DeLonghi EC702.  Where or what site to use to buy parts(order) for my DeLonghi EC702?  Thank you very much..

0 answers

by: Luciano (♥0) | Jul 17, 2014

Burr Mill Type

This claims that the GX6000 has concical burrs. Everywhere else I find on the interwebs claims that the burrs for the GX6000 are flat. Can anybody confirm what type of burr mill this grinder employs?

1 answers

by: Griffin Sonaty (♥0) | Jul 16, 2014


how can i fix the grinder on my accademia?

The grinder on my accademia stoped working. makes the noise as if it is grinding but the grinder doesn't move at all. Any recommendations? Thanks, Graciela

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by: Graciela Del Moral (♥0) | Jul 16, 2014

Gaggia Accademia bypass doser problem

In most respects I'm happy with my Accademia. However, it has one annoying quirk. Within a month of purchase, the bypass doser stopped working. Is there a remedy for this, or must I give up use of ground coffees? On an unrelated note, what kind of detergent is to be used for the...

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by: Robert (♥0) | Jul 15, 2014

Owner's Manual

Is there an owner's manual for this machine I can download? Steve

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by: Stephen (♥100) | Jul 14, 2014


The last Krups I bought did not froth milk very well. The steam pressure didn't hold up long enough to do much. I need to buy another machine and am curious -- what's your experience?

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by: Andrea (♥0) | Jul 13, 2014