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Gaggia New Baby Gasket

Which is the right gasket for the gaggia new baby machine? thks  

0 answers

by: Ramon Serrano (♥0) | Mar 30, 2015

Leaking Silvia

After years of reliable service, my Silvia started leaking when I run shots.  Clear water comes out around the portafilter and I get water on the counter under the machine.  The grouphead gasket is new and its replacement did not alter the leak in any way.  The boiler does not...

0 answers

by: T Leeds (♥0) | Mar 30, 2015


Recommendations for a basic espresso machine

Hello all, 15 years ago, I bought a Starbucks Barista espresso machine and it served me well for more than 10 years, 2 to 4 double shots a day.  a couple years ago it finally gave up the ghost.  I've been missing it lately and was thinking of getting a new one but the...

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by: moflicky (♥0) | Mar 30, 2015


Gaggia Classic

Hello,  I bought a Gaggia classic less then 2 months ago. I noticed that the wand drip when the machine is worming and ready to brew. Is this normal?  Thanks,  HBJ.   

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by: Haithem (♥0) | Mar 29, 2015

Steam wand tip

Does this tip fit the office lever? Is there other tips for the office lever?

0 answers

by: Rick (♥0) | Mar 29, 2015


height limitations

I would like to know if I could take the bottom feet off the Expobar Office Lever Semi-Auto machine or off the Pasquini Livia G4 Semi-Auto to enable either of these machines to fit in the spot I want to put it.  I have a height limitation in this spot.  I'd like to be able to set...

0 answers

by: Phil (♥0) | Mar 29, 2015


Gaggia Classic not working - having to take a trip to Starbucks every morning :(

I'm desparate - have a wonderful Gaggia Classic that's served me well for years!  Recently had trouble with a slow drip that I resolved by taking it apart and decalcifying the machine.  Put everything back to gether and I didn't replace the valve properly into the 3 Way...

0 answers

by: cjordan (♥0) | Mar 29, 2015

Saeco compatibility

would this 53mm fit a Saeco machine?

0 answers

by: Pigna (♥0) | Mar 28, 2015


Gaggia Titanium missing brew unit

  I was cleaning my machine, and following the steps as shown in a wholelattelove video.   I was nearing the end of the process, about to reinstall the brew unit.  I inserted a small piece of paper in the slot to fool the machine into thinking the brew unit was in place.  I...

0 answers

by: greg (♥0) | Mar 27, 2015

These machines are known for the leak after the short period of time

The leak ussually occurs because the plastic parts in the gasket are glued together and don't hold up to heat for very long. Has that been addressed as part of the refurb process?

0 answers

by: Kleid Gjataj (♥0) | Mar 27, 2015

feautures say it has pre-infusion, but doesn't

The features say it has pre-infusion, but mine definitely does not.  Can you confirm if it does?  It doesn't mention it on the Profitec site.  The middle position of my machine does nothing, and it's kind of disappointing since I am part of the group that "believes...

0 answers

by: jeffpagnutti (♥0) | Mar 27, 2015

Resetting the Rocky

My espresso has been running through the grounds quite quickly lately suggesting too coarse a ground. I have my 3 y.o.Rocky set to 10 and would set it finer if I could, however I've noticed resently that the grind setting cannot be set any lower. This wasn't always the case tho I was...

0 answers

by: Alan Brunettin (♥0) | Mar 26, 2015


Burrs for Ceado E37S

I just recently bought a Ceado E37S from you guys and I must say I am delighted with it.  It occurred to me however that at some distant point the burrs will dull and I will need to replace them so I did a quick web search for how much that would cost and couldn't find anyone (including...

0 answers

by: Michael (♥0) | Mar 26, 2015

How tall is this unit fully assembled?

Fully assembled as pictured, how tall is this unit? I want to make sure it will fit under my cabinets...

0 answers

by: Andy Simmons (♥0) | Mar 25, 2015


Ceado e6p

What is the margin for error with the timed programming to produce a predictable weight of coffee for a given bean and grind setting?  Since there is no manual dosing it could get finicky if it isn't reliably reproducible 

0 answers

by: Sandy (♥0) | Mar 25, 2015

Capsule availability in Australia

i have tried the coffee from a vertuoLine when I was in Houston and loved it.  The machine is not available in Australia.  If I bought one from you how could I get the capsules because Nespresso doesn't stock them in Australi

1 answers

by: John Jenkins (♥0) | Mar 25, 2015


Gaggia Academia: Please explain the front dial

What is the function of the dial knob on the front of the Gaggia Academia? How does it affect the espresso shot? What happens to the flavor when I turn it to the largest circle or to the smallest one?

1 answers

by: Sarah Skolnik (♥0) | Mar 24, 2015


New Gaggia Academia: So many settings! Where do I start?

My new Gaggia Acdemia just arrived. I'm replacing a Jura Z7 and am excited that the Gaggia offers so much customization. But too much! How should I prioritize the adjustments as I try to hit on all the best settings for my personally perfect shot? Grinder first? coffee length? Then what? I...

1 answers

by: Sarah Skolnik (♥0) | Mar 24, 2015


Fill Container

my Gaggia Platinum started this a while back.  Even when there are plenty of beans in the hopper, it will grind them, and then not brew.  The dry ground are pushed through to the waste bin and the message reads " fill container".  Any thoughts?

0 answers

by: Rob T (♥0) | Mar 24, 2015


How Long Of Cooling Flush for the Profitec 500

I've been playing with a 25 second cooling flush,(machine sitting idle for at least one hour) grind beans, tamp and brew (aprox 30 seconds). Am I on the right track.

2 answers

by: hglass (♥10) | Mar 23, 2015