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Gaggia Platinum Swing shut down

  Linda Shelton (0 pts)        Aug 30, 2015

I admit I did not clean my Gaggia Platinum Swing for a long time--I descaled it but did not clean. Now, I have cleaned multiple times, vacuumed top and bottom as recommended on wholelattelove, and when I turn it on, it just says "please wait." It did this gradually, first after brewing...

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  Steven Nekimken (0 pts)        Aug 30, 2015

A few years ago I got into "automatics" and found that as in the case of the Gaggia, you hit a cabinet when trying to fill water/coffee areas.  Randomly pulling unit out is not practicle due to weight etc.  I fabricated the attached acrylic "lazy susan" and thought...

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dispensing volume issues Gaggia Platinum Swing

  robert (0 pts)        Aug 24, 2015

I'm running into an odd problem with my Gaggia Platinum Swing.  Occasionally the machine will (unilaterally) decide to reset the dispensed volume for coffee to the maximum setting.  When I go into the menu to check, indeed the setting has been changed.  I change it back and...

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Pre-ground coffee = fast extraction?

  AndreM (0 pts)        Aug 23, 2015

I've asked this question over on coffee geek and just want to get a couple more opinions. Long story short, went on vacation for a week and decided I should bring my Gaggia Classic with me. Didnt want to bring my grinder as well, so I stopped by a local coffee brewer (Tandem in ME), and asked...

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Stinky reservoir?

  Eric (0 pts)        Aug 22, 2015

Hi all: I love my Gaggia Synchrony, and you guys are the tops, but.... from the day. We got the machine, the reservoir reeked of a phenolic smell.  When repeated use did not reduce the odor, you folks kindly sent a replacement.  The was no smell, initially, but all of a sudden,...

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Platinum Swing - No water through brew group

  Chris (0 pts)        Aug 22, 2015

I have a Gaggia Platinum Swing, 2 - 3 years old.  When brewing, all water comes through the hot water/steam spout, none through the brew group.  This has happened before, I have descaled and it starts workig properly.  However, this time ... after several descalings, still no water...

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Using Urnex Cafiza

  dawnlafontaine (0 pts)        Aug 20, 2015

I followed the instructions for using the Urnex Cafiza tablets with my Gaggia Synchrony superautomatic espresso maker. I put one tablet in the bypass doser and made a cup of coffee with it. It looked like clear water was coming out of the spout, so I pulled out the dregs drawer and noticed that...

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  Karonalady (0 pts)        Aug 17, 2015

I have a Gaggia Evolution, which was purchased from Whole Latte Love, but given to me as a gift.  Recently, I ran vinegar through the machine to descale it. Now there is no water coming through at all. It sounds like it's trying to work, but then stops. I've cleaned it as best I can,...

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