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Water filter

  Joysy Nguyen (0 pts)        Jul 06, 2015

 i need to change the water filter for this machine... Can u recommend for me which one?    

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Replaced grouphead gasket & shower screen, but no water coming through grouphead

  theresakat (0 pts)        Jul 04, 2015

Hi-- I recently replaced the grouphead gasket and shower screen after I heard a pop! and then got leaking from the top of grouphead where it attaches to the Gaggia Baby Class machine. What should I do next? Should I backflush it and then descale it? Thank you for your help!  

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Gaggia Brera Four Flashing Warning Lights!

  Jules At Mochamamastudios (0 pts)        Jul 04, 2015

My Brera has been experiencing a couple problems of late.  I think they are likely unrelated, but I will mention them both.   The big issue is that I am receiving frantic, flashing warning lights.  The dredge drawer, water, exclamation point, and no beans light all flash in...

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  Sully (0 pts)        Jul 04, 2015

How many ounces?

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  Sully (0 pts)        Jul 04, 2015

How many ounces does this cup hold?

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Gaggia Evolution frother falls of.

  labradog (0 pts)        Jul 03, 2015

I went to clean the frother, and when I removed the sleeve, the whole assembly came off , leaving a bare tube. When I attempt to replace the assembly, it just slips on and off, will not stay in place. The frother is black plastic, the "nut" at the top is smooth and not...

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  Questions (0 pts)        Jul 02, 2015

Do the filters ever need to be replaced on the Espro Coffee Press?

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Help! Grinder that won't clog or overheat

  CindyG (0 pts)        Jul 02, 2015

I am in charge of our coffee bar at my church and I cannot for the life of me find a grinder that won't clog or overheat.  We started with the Cuisinart which kept overheating so we purchased a Capresso - same problem.  Decided we needed to upgrade so after much research, I...

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My Expobar is leaking...

  Gilb (0 pts)        Jun 30, 2015

I have been enjoying my Expobar (not automatic, but manuel) since 2005, works very well. But lately, it has been leaking, her is where; I filled up the handle bar with coffee, and srew it a quarter turn like we should, then put the lever up to start the process, and it leaks not profuesly...

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Hand grip for pannarello wand compatibility

  Dan Colasanti (0 pts)        Jun 30, 2015

Will the Hand grip for the pannarello wand also fit a Gaggia Titanium along with the other pannarello parts?    

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  Andrew (0 pts)        Jun 29, 2015

Hi, I have read in some place that the brass boiler in the silvia contains lead and could be dangerous.  Can you shed any light on this for me as I am consider buying this maching. Thanks.

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  Ski (0 pts)        Jun 29, 2015

i get so much water in coffee grounds (pods). I've used dry beans and oily beans....makes no difference. Is there something wrong with my machine??? HELP

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  Laura (0 pts)        Jun 29, 2015

I am interested in the Saeco Royal Automatic One Touch but have seen conflicting dimension info.  How high is the unit at its tallest point?  your site says 15 inches, others say 17+.  I need this to fit under my kitchen cabinet which is 16 inches from the counter top.

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Brewtus IV low brew pressure

  samstone (0 pts)        Jun 29, 2015

Hello All, Brand new Brewtus IV machine.  Having a brew pressure issue.  Had everything dialed in nicely. and was drawing a fantastic 2-2.5oz shot in ~25 seconds.  Everything was working great.  Grind is good at 14g, tamped at 30 psi.  Vibratory machine with full...

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  Ann Frankle (0 pts)        Jun 28, 2015

Does this model come in cobalt blue?  What do you have in a cobalt blue coffee pot?

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  bgadsmo (0 pts)        Jun 28, 2015

can't seem to alter the grind -- anything from 10 - 50 on the setting still takes over 30 seconds to draw a shot, and even then, its about half the typical volume.  Is this a recalibration issue?  and how does one go about doing so?  Thank you.

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Slow water flow

  Larry (0 pts)        Jun 28, 2015

I have Gaggia Titanium. Water flow is slow. I have decsaled it but still slow. What could be the problem?

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Rok availability date

  Myeyedia (0 pts)        Jun 27, 2015

When is the ROK grinder going to be available to purchase in the USA?

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Expobar Control Lever pressure reading is elevated

  Tom (0 pts)        Jun 27, 2015

I own an Expobar Control Lever machine (purchased from WLL) and the pressure gauge shows that the boiler pressure is well above the green area of the gauge, and this is a new situation for my machine (owned for many years). Is there a way to check the validity of the gauge reading, or if...

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Gaggia MDF Grinder dispensing handle spring broke

  Richg (0 pts)        Jun 26, 2015

Can this be repaired?  Not sure if spring came off handle or if spring is broken?

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