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There is a new version of this called "Compak K3 Touch Advanced Doserless Grinder". Do you have that?

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by: Jordan Zimmerman (♥0) | Oct 31, 2014


What's included?

Does this come with any of those cleaning beans or anything? Or, is it just the grinder?

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by: Jordan Zimmerman (♥0) | Oct 31, 2014


"Add more coffee" message constantly coming on

Has anyone had this issue?  Our machine's over a year old and serves us faithfully several times a day.  However, last week the "add more coffee" message started coming on even though there are beans in the hopper.  Rearranging beans or taking some out or putting some...

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by: MikeySan (♥0) | Oct 31, 2014


Pasquini Livia G4 availability

Hi,  I noticed that both at WLL at Seattle Coffee Gear, the Pasquini Livia is no longer appearing in your list of espresso machines.  Is there a problem with it or with its availability?   I bought a Rancilio Silvia v3 from you last year, but am thinking about upgrading to a heat...

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by: Brian Ampolsk (♥0) | Oct 31, 2014


Seaco Odea II - incomplete brewing cycle

Hi - recently our Seaco Odea II has had a problem brewing a complete cycle.  With everything set - water in the contanier, coffee in the hopper, brew group cleaned, etc - the machine begins the cycle but stops after the grinding process - it grinds the beans and then the red light comes on -...

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by: Pete G (♥0) | Oct 31, 2014


Two hole steam tip

I don't find the link for a two holes steam tip. You can help me? 

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by: Lyvyoo (♥0) | Oct 30, 2014



Do these machines need to be descaled? I plan on using bottled water, but that still has minerals in it.

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by: Jordan Zimmerman (♥0) | Oct 30, 2014


battery operated grinder

I am looking for a battery operated coffee grinder.  Any suggestions?

0 answers

by: Kimberly Brizzi (♥0) | Oct 30, 2014


Gaggia plus by illy

What cleaning items should be used on this machine to clean the interior

1 answers

by: Ed Sharp (♥0) | Oct 29, 2014


Cafe Crema on a Gaggia Accademia

Just trying to dial in a cafe crema on my Accademia... I've programmed my espresso and cafe buttons.  The espresso shot is about 2 oz and the cafe is about 5-6 oz.  My question, though, is this...for a cafe crema is seems like it is important to have a grind that is much courser...

1 answers

by: Louis (♥15) | Oct 29, 2014


Gaggia Brera - no beans light

I purchased my Gaggia Brera in 02/2012 and have faithfully used it daily (with the exception of small trips out of town).  Some days it is used almost 6 times (2 adult coffee drinkers in the residence - one with a slight coffee addiction). In the last few months - the bean light comes on...

0 answers

by: Angela Ott (♥0) | Oct 29, 2014


Frothing for cold drinks

I want to buy an espresso maker (my first one). I want to nake hot and cold espresso base drinks. I am thinking about the Gaggia platinum or academia. Can you make cold frothed milk for cold drinks or does it always heat the milk? I am also thinking about a nespresso machine, which I think...

0 answers

by: Boo (♥0) | Oct 29, 2014


No water going through to brew coffee

For a few motnhs our Gaggia Brera has been leaking some water through the steamer wand with the shots becoming smaller.  Now no water is coming through to brew coffee even though the pump keeps working and the coffee is ground and goes through the brew group, but dumps out fairly dry. ...

1 answers

by: Ed (♥0) | Oct 28, 2014


simonelli oscar vs expobar office lever

which machine is more reliable? i saw many expobar refurbished models on your website. does that mean frequent problems? also, i noticed you sell some sort of the copper disk (mentioned in the video) for expobar. is that already installed or do i have to install it myself. finally, which machine...

1 answers

by: marty (♥0) | Oct 28, 2014


silicon tube

WIll this tube work with my silvia at the ovp for hot water exit?

1 answers

by: dilly (♥0) | Oct 28, 2014


ECM Bottomless PF & Duetto III

Dear Sir, Please, help me! I don't know could this ECM Bottomless Portafilter fit perfectly with my Duetto III?  Thank you in advance! I look forward to hearing from you soon! Best regards. Berliner

2 answers

by: Berliner (♥0) | Oct 27, 2014


Breville Oracle

could someone advise if this machine could be used in a small cafe

1 answers

by: pinkpig (♥0) | Oct 27, 2014


One portafilter spout stronger than the other.

My Coffee Deluxe has a weak stream from one of the spouts on the portafilter- about 25% less than the other. The machine gets regular, light use (2-4 shots per day) I clean it regularly as we have hard water but this problem persists. Is there something that typically needs replacing?

1 answers

by: Shawn (♥0) | Oct 27, 2014


Bodum Grinder Burrs Stopped Turning

Hello, Our Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder 10903 motor will run but the burrs don't turn. I started the grinder not knowing my wife had already ground the morning's coffee into the glass cup. The cup overfilled, backed up into the chute and started to slow down the grinder before I...

2 answers

by: sozomuse (♥0) | Oct 25, 2014


ECM vs. Profitec Espresso machines

The design and build of these two brands seems very smilar. How does their HX machines compare? Is Profitec a follower of ECM design. I see features from ECM being presented as key features of the profitec machines as well. Like the one-piece frame, mechanical water line valve, driptray rails and...

1 answers

by: Carsten Klokkerholm Wammen (♥0) | Oct 25, 2014