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Steam wand dripping

I have had my Gaggia Platinum vision for years now and have pulled thousands of espressos.  I really love this thing.  However, over the last year or so, more and more water has started to drip from the steam wand during espresso brewing.  I opened it up and replaced the orings on...

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by: Aaron (♥0) | Oct 24, 2014


Clarification of capabilities

I have a question about the comment in the description:  "With these buttons, you can program the machine to dispense as much or as little liquid as you would like, so there’s no need to stand around and wait for the shot to finish brewing. In fact, the machine’s heat...

2 answers

by: Kimberly (♥0) | Oct 24, 2014


Community Grind Size and Grind Amount vs Breville Recommendations

I am close to satisfied with my grind size and amount settings at #4 and 1 o'clock, Anyone use settings other than Breville's?.

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by: sy the coffee guy (♥0) | Oct 24, 2014


hard water

I have recently purchased the new Expobar Office Lever.  I am concerned about water hardness ruining the boiler.  Is the water softener filter provided with the unit sufficient?  My town's water is not great, but not terrible either.  About 8 gpg of hardness.  Any...

1 answers

by: JennyB (♥0) | Oct 23, 2014


Gaggia Classic Compatibility?

Will this filter basket work with a Gaggia Classic as a soution to non-pressurized single shot pulls? 

1 answers

by: Jesse (♥0) | Oct 23, 2014



What does refurbished mean? It it a used machine? Is it a opened package? Are all the parts and pieces there? Does it have a warrantee?

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by: Norman Ledgerwood (♥0) | Oct 22, 2014


Profitec Pro 700

I only have 16-3/8" clear on my countertop.  Can the Pro 700 be fitted with "short" feet instead of the long feet identified in the specifications?

1 answers

by: eochoa (♥0) | Oct 22, 2014


Grind & Dosage

What are the suggested doseage and grind for this machine?

1 answers

by: John Pierce (♥0) | Oct 21, 2014


gaggia 97004

Can anyone provide me any info on the gaggia 97004. It appears to be a gaggia coffee deluxe.

1 answers

by: Todd (♥0) | Oct 21, 2014


not working after being cleaned

We cleaned the grinder. Now the bean hopper will not thread back into the base.  No parts are missing. Any suggestions?

1 answers

by: Heather (♥0) | Oct 20, 2014


Does this fit the Gaggia Classic as a replacement to the metal drain tube?

Does this fit the Gaggia Classic as a replacement to the metal drain tube?

1 answers

by: John Phamvan (♥0) | Oct 19, 2014



How many ounces does this teapot hold? Thanks!

2 answers

by: Nicole Sacdalan (♥0) | Oct 19, 2014


Time to buy a Dual Burner Machine, I think...

I have had a Rancillio Silvia for 15 years or so.  Works well, but the transition between brewing and frothing is too long to use for dinner parties, etc.  I think I need a dual burner machine.  Looking for advice on what to buy so that I can brew and froth will less waiting...

2 answers

by: jason (♥0) | Oct 19, 2014


Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine, Conflicting Instructions

I just unpacked my machine, and there are a couple different modifications to the directions, and I'm not sure which one to follow. One of them states that "this machine includes a variation on the accessories supplied. The ground coffee filters (1 cup and 2 cups) and the pod filter have...

2 answers

by: johnny (♥0) | Oct 18, 2014


Water Source

I plan to get this Expobar Brewtus IV R expresso machine. But my concern is about the water source. Does any specific water filtration system need to be used with this machine? I live in an apartment so I plan to just set up a 2 gallons reservoir on the side. I'm not sure what kind...

1 answers

by: Wendy (♥0) | Oct 17, 2014


Self TestOn start up, I am getting the display blinking "self-test", and the usual pre-rinse does not happen anymore. Once it has stopped this clicking (like it was trying to do something), it says ready for use. Press the button, and then it grinds, then

On start up, I am getting the display blinking "self-test" and clicking, again "self-test" continuously. the usual pre-rinse does not happen anymore. Once it has stopped this clicking, it says ready for use. Press the button, and then it grinds, then goes back to the...

1 answers

by: Young (♥0) | Oct 16, 2014


No Flow Brutus IV R

Our machine has been idle for several months. I fired it up today. I tried ti run some water through it but nothing came out of the group head, I had good steam and hot water. The pump is running. The pressure looked normal. I tried backflushing but it acted like no water was...

1 answers

by: James (♥0) | Oct 15, 2014



I cleaned my espresso point machine and it seems to be stuck on the coffee mode none of the other buttons work how do I reset this?  I tried inserting new pods and as soon as I clse the door it's starts making the coffee without me pressing any buttons

1 answers

by: Donna (♥0) | Oct 15, 2014



How long does the sealant need to cure for? Or can the machine be warmed up immediately? This sealant seems very thin, almost greasy.

1 answers

by: Ben Piff (♥0) | Oct 14, 2014


Baby Gaggia Twin Flow Problem

I purchased this espresso machine in Nov. 2012 and Whole Latte Love replaced it about 6 months later due to a defect in the boiler.  I am now seeing very low flow rates when making coffee and even without coffee grounds in the two shot non-pressure filter.  Coffee becomes extremely dark...

1 answers

by: Howard (♥5) | Oct 14, 2014