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Move Expobar Lever, anything to advice me?

Dear All My Expobar lever will fly with me from USA to Taiwan. I already did backflush and descale. and try to run out all of water. What did I not notice it?  I am so nervous :S please help me. Thank you  

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by: Hi Sinny (♥0) | Apr 27, 2015

coffee taste

I have had the machine for 3 years, love it, no malfunctions.  Lately though the taste is not the same as in the past.  This is despite regular descaling, regular change of water filter, regular cleaning of brew group.  I have tried different coffees and roasts and still not as...

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by: EJA (♥0) | Apr 26, 2015


Lavazza coffee

I own a Bialitti moka express and would like to purchase Lavazza coffee to use with it.  I like strong coffee and have my own grinder.  Which would you recommend.  There's so many choices I get lost.  I don't like any flavors, just coffee.  I thought whole bean...

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by: william (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015

Fine to coarse range

Following up on the question from dalestanton-- As I tend to buy bean in large quantities, I am wondering if dialing in for espresso and resetting the screws to have that as the finest grind would open up the coarse end of the spectrum to pour overs. I have read a bit that suggests the...

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by: Josh (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015

Does this really work for cold extraction (over hours)?

How does it compare to the Hario cold extraction one which uses a valve to control drip rate? This seems to rely on ice melting. Not sure how well that works in practice since would be quite dependent on room temp when used.

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by: pkimelma (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015

Gaggia Group Gasket

Is the Gaggia Group Gasket compatible with my Baby Twin?

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by: Bill Howe (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015

Gaggia Group Gasket

Is the "Gaggia Group Gasket" compatible with my Baby Twin?

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by: Bill Howe (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015


problem with "Fill container with coffee"

why would my gaggia platinum swing up say "Fill container with coffee" after running a cycle and not producing any coffee, discharging unused coffee that's been ground, even though I have coffee in the machine.  I've pushed the beans around the grinder, but to no...

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by: Ian (♥0) | Apr 25, 2015



Do you have any recommendations for a frother? I've been using the Nespresso Aeroccino for a few years, and I think it's time for something new. The machine has areas of scorched milk that I can no longer clean off, and it is very hard to clean in general. I want something that makes the...

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by: Janis (♥0) | Apr 24, 2015


Is this correct for Baby Twin Gaggia?

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by: Zephyr (♥0) | Apr 23, 2015


what is the water temperature during extraction.  

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by: Don (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015


Gaggia Titanium water not passing through

I had a problem with the error message "coffee bin empty" but found the great video telling me how to take apart the machine and clean out the tube carrying grounds.  I completed that job and it worked ... but although the beans were ground and tamped, and the coffee was being...

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by: Linda (♥5) | Apr 22, 2015



Hello, About a year ago i purchased an Expobar Brewtus from you guys and i have loved every second of it.  I'm in the military and it's time to move from Japan to Turkey.  My question is this - what is the best way to prep the maching to be sitting in a dark wooden box for up...

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by: Scott Barrier (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015


Hario Sommilier

Does Hario Sommilier come with heat source, If not do you sell it?

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by: Ira (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015


is it ok

is it ok to turn my profitec 700 on and off at the mains and leave the power switch on  at all times to save wear on the machines on/off switch? Would doing this this damage the computer/brain of the machine? Also is it good practise to leave the machine on all day ?

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by: rob (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015


Would this fit a Gaggia machine 

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by: Randy Hull (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015

Weight capacity

How much weight can this unit measure. 

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by: Randy Hull (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015

Steam wand tip

  Is this the factory steam tip on the "no burn" steam wand of the office lever?  If it's not the factory tip, is there a difference in the two?   THANKS!  

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by: Rick (♥0) | Apr 22, 2015


My 8 year old Odea Giro Plus suddenly stopped working -- won't power on.

I've checked all the usual (cords plugged in). It worked on Monday at 7:00 am but not at 8:00 am. What do I check?

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by: Sally (♥0) | Apr 21, 2015

Problems with Expobar Lever

I have an Expobar Lever that i purchased in 2009.  It's worked fine for the past six years (about 6-8 shots per day), but I recently had an issue with steam coming out of the pressure release valve as soon as the machine started to heat up.  I live in New Delhi, but managed to find...

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by: Sean Robertson (♥0) | Apr 21, 2015