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Bonavita drip coffee maker

The model you carry with the stainless steel carafe, is it the BV1800TH or SS model?  I'm looking for the glass lined carafe and either of the two models I just mentioned have the inside lined with glass. I want to confirm this before I order it. Thank You!

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by: D.R. (♥0) | Nov 27, 2014

Refurbished Saeco Minuto Focus Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Refurbished Saeco Minuto Focus Super Automatic Expresso Machine - Please describe the condition of refurbished.  Is it factory refurbished.  What is the warranty.  Is it factory warranty.

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by: Mark (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014


Gaggia Baby- too hot??

I have a Gaggia Baby that seems to be heating up too much.  When I first use the machine after turning it on, it works fine.  After it has been on a while (more than an hour), when I use it, there is barely any flow out of the portafiltter.  When I stop the flow, the machine makes...

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by: stmurray (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014


Leak in frother?

We have had a Gaggia Syncrony Logic for about 8 years now.  We love it.  Recently we have noticed water on the counter on the side with the frother.  Also, when I turn off the frother, it continues to hiss.  I am thinking there is a leak in the system.  Does this sound...

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by: LSamson (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014

In Stock notification

Can I be notified when this is in stock?

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by: Will (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014


Expobar Office Pulser - leaking hot water wand?

Hi all - we have an Expobar Office Pulser that's worked like a champ for years.  Suddenly, the hot water spigot just runs and runs until it has to reheat and re-pressurize, which it does and then runs more.  Can't pull a shot or get the steam spigot to work as a result - all...

0 answers

by: andreasburgess (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014

Automatic Milk Frothing Unit

I'd like to order another automatic frothing unit that came witht the Gaggia Syncrony Logic RS.....   Where can I order? What other replacement parts should I have on hand, just in case?

0 answers

by: Lisa Genke (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014

Grinder not working, bypass doser espresso very weak

i have the machine for a few years now and suddenly the grinder stops working. I got the wrench and turning on/off doesn't resolve it. I tried to get all the beans out but the grinder is going very slowly andmakrs a sad sound. I try using the bypass doser to at least get a coffee but it...

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by: Claudia Abbes (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014


Ancap cups

are the ancap verona cups safe for microwave?

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by: Judy Carbone (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014



I'm new to the espresso game, I was wondering what beans would have the sweetest fullest flavor? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

0 answers

by: Chris (♥0) | Nov 26, 2014

Refurbished Gaggia Coffee White

Hi I'm interested in purchasing Refurbished Gaggia Coffee White. When was it made and what was replaced? Does it look like new?

2 answers

by: manuela (♥0) | Nov 25, 2014

Convex vs. flat

Can anyone describe the advantages or differences of a convex tamper vs. flat?  I use a flat tamper with my Gaggia classic and get good results. But there are many convex tampers out there, so there must be some advantage?

0 answers

by: RandomBob (♥0) | Nov 25, 2014


Bean hopper empty symbol

  I have  a gaggia Brera  and it keeps giving me the bean hopper is empty symbol.  The machine is full of beans. Any ideas?  

0 answers

by: Mike (♥0) | Nov 24, 2014


Is there a warranty for the refurbished machines? Thanks. 

1 answers

by: David Schmitt (♥0) | Nov 24, 2014

Front door

Hi I have noticed that the front door of my Accademia seems to have dropped on the left side - opposite the hinges. If I push the front then it moves up and closes correctly. Is this standard? If not how would I ensure the door closes correctly? Cheers Pierre  

1 answers

by: Pierre Lategan (♥0) | Nov 24, 2014


what are the dimensions, especially the footprint?

0 answers

by: bernardoson (♥0) | Nov 23, 2014

excess water in grounds tray and weak coffee

Hi, I have the problems above (excess water in grounds tray ) and weak coffee---just recently. I did some maintenance (descaled, put cleaned the brew group and did the tablet in the the bypass doser). It looked like the gsket on the brew group might be going. Other parts of the brew group...

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by: Leslie Schiff (♥0) | Nov 23, 2014


Pressure gauge

I have a Expobar Office Lever plus and I just recently had my plumber hook it up to the water line so that i wouldn't have to refill the water reservoir. He also inserted a carbon based water filtration system and a water softener. Do I need to have a water pressure regulator attached in...

1 answers

by: JAG (♥0) | Nov 23, 2014

Does it fit the Gaggia Synchrony Logic?

Does it fit the Gaggia Synchrony Logic?

1 answers

by: Jaime (♥0) | Nov 23, 2014

Coffe grinder static electricity

I have the Baratza Encore Burr coffee grinder.  I really like the grinder except for the static electricity that causes grinds to cling to the hopper and side of the machine.  What can be done about this?

1 answers

by: Linda (♥0) | Nov 22, 2014