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Just curious, I have a water treatment system for my tap water (salt, and iron remover to get out the red) is this water ok to use? (haven't noticed a taste difference) and will i need to decale more often with this type of water or just the normal routine decaling?
Answered by Steven
C8207fa2b2449ddd347ac0d0dda8faf3 Are you saying you've installed a water softener, or an inline water filter? Both effectively soften hard water - a filter removes the disolved calcium, whereas a water softener generally adds salt to the water which binds to the calcium ion, preventing them from sticking to the inside of your kettle etc. Both I would have thought would mean less descaling, but your supplier should be able to advise as to whether the water is drinkable or not. Generally, I would assume, the answer is always "yes" if it's simply an inline filter whereas if it's adding salt to your water, that could increase your salt intake which may not be preferable due to health issues. 11-01-13 04:09PM
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