What's in your opinion a beter choice for an upgrade from my Gagia evolution, the Pasquini Livieta or the Rancilio...

What's in your opinion a better choice for an upgrade from my Gaggia evolution, the Pasquini Livietta or the Rancilio Silvia?
Stefano, It is a good question. I would say if you like straight espresso more you can make a better shot with the Silvia. That would be as long as you get a true espresso grinder say like a Rocky or a MDF or a Baratza Preciso or a Vario( my Favorite). If you like to entertain and make lattes and milk drinks the Pasquini will help you be more efficient as you can brew and steam at the same time. The Silvia does have the potential to make the best shot
Posted by: mjackson on 11-01-13 04:21PM
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