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I am looking at the Gaggia Brera as a possible option for my first espresso machine. It has overall, very good reviews and is around my price range. I like the fact that it is fully automatic and seemingly very "user-friendly". However, I would like to know if it is the best fit for my needs. The machine will primarily be used for 3-4 lattes/day. Is there another machine I should be considering?
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B6c4ba4e538ca03c9bf1026f28a139bd Ben, Almost all the machines will do exactly what you are looking for. So your shopping should be based on cost, features, looks and reviews. I agree with you for the price you are getting a very good machine. It will make good shots because of ceramic burrs, has a lot of features at the price and also is a great looking machine. I think you did your research well. 11-01-13 04:25PM
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