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I have a Gaggia Platinum Vision and I now get an error message showing a Wrench. It tells me to turn off and turn back on to fix the issue. This process seems to work most of the time but how do i fix the problem so i dont have to restart the machine everytime i want to use it? My machine is no longer under warranty. thanks.
Answered by Maggie
E239c350690d12a858e492bc395c19b8 Is it giving you any kind of error code? What is happening when you get the error (are you pressing a button to brew, using steam, etc)? Please feel free to call us at 1-888-411-5282, option 3, and we will be happy to go over some troubleshooting with you to try and correct the issue. It is always easiest for us to troubleshoot if you are able to be with the machine when you call. 11-01-13 04:29PM
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