I want to buy a fuly automatic espreso machine. I canot decide betwen the "Gagia Brera" and the "Saeco...

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I want to buy a fully automatic espresso machine. I cannot decide between the "Gaggia Brera" and the "Saeco Odea Go Plus". The Gaggia Brera I can get for 500 while the Saeco costs 370. I see that Saeco detects the type of bean and adjusts how coarse the grounds will be. Does the Gaggia do this? Overall, which is the best choice?
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Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic Jorge, That is a great question.I am biased so I would say the Gaggia. The grinders are the same. The Brera has more features especially a bypass doser. I like it better and I think the coffee is hotter as well. 11-01-13 04:31PM
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