Why is reverse osmosis purified water not recomended for this machine? The literature recomends tap water over r/o...

Why is reverse osmosis purified water not recommended for this machine? The literature recommends tap water over r/o water. Thanks.
Steve, Great question. There are a few reasons. The most easily understood is that the machine needs to be able to sense the water in the boiler. The probe need to be able to tell how low the water is in the boiler so it can fill it when needed. If there is nothing in the water to help complete an electric circuit then it wont function properly. When the water gets below the probe level it breaks the circuit. The machine senses that and activates the pump to fill the boiler. So it is important to use the proper water for your machine. If you want to know a lot more read this http://users.rcn.com/erics/Water Quality/Water FAQ.pdf
Posted by: mjackson on 11-01-13 04:32PM
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