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I have had this machine for about 8 months. It did work great. Today, the grinder does not work so it just produces water. Any ideas on how to fix it? User manual does not have troubleshooting guide and barely mentions the grinder.
Answered by techkathy
Fd1d660302c7ae9ecd77d4e05d780e42 It is most likely clogged. You can use a vacuum to clear the grinding chute. Scoop out all the loose beans and turn the grinder setting to the coarsest grind. It will open the burrs up a bit. Then place your hand over the bypass chute opening. Try to make a seal. Then use the hose tool from a vacuum to clear out the grinder. Place the vacuum in the same area where the beans fall down inside of the machine. 11-01-13 04:37PM
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