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I'm looking for a decent brew-style coffee machine as our faithful Cuisinart is now on it's last few brews after several years of daily abuse in our household. My wife and I guzzle approx. 10 cups between us by 7 am... Then if our darling eldest son decides to get out of his 3-hour 300 gallon daily shower routine, there is nothing left for him. I have spent 2 hours researching various models from $30 to $500 machines. Seems like the more expensive the machine, the more complaints as quality standards at that price range are not being met. Help!!! Please!!!! Don't make me have to run to Starbuck for our morning coffee... :-)
Answered by DanielCulver
Profile_chalice_copy Phil, This might be a good time to consider an espresso machine. Gaggia Classic semi-auto would be a good place to jump in within your price range. Just thinking out loud. ;) 11-01-13 04:39PM
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