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Hello, I have the Silvia with the stock PortaFilter. Will this one work on the Silvia? Also, since it is heavier will it wear out the seals on the silvia or put extra burden on the structer of the machine?
Answered by DanielCulver
Profile_chalice_copy I believe that this will fit your machine, but perhaps someone with more experience with that particular machine will further verify this. I would like to speak to the weight question. As long as the fit is the same, the heavier brass commercial portafilter is better for your machine. The extra weight of the portafilter doesn't bear any additional stress on the group-head but instead the improved rigidity will actually reduce the stress on the group-head. The combination of brass and chrome plating reduces friction between the lugs with the group-head compared to other materials like aluminum or stainless steel. Some people pre-warm the portafilter a little with hot water and the heavier brass is more effective with this practice as well (not recommending it, just commenting on efficacy). 11-01-13 04:41PM
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