Helo, I purchased a Gagia Platinum Vision on 2/28/13 and have taken care of it acording to the manual using Gagia...

Hello, I purchased a Gaggia Platinum Vision on 2/28/13 and have taken care of it according to the manual using Gaggia Decalcificante and Gaggia Coffee Clean. This morning a pool of water ends up on the counter and no espresso or coffee comes out of the spout. I can get hot water from the wand fine, it is only a problem with the espresso, coffee, or long coffee coming out. I tried cleaning again with the Gaggia Coffee Clean, and I get a little of the Coffee Clean product out of the spout, but mostly water on the counter. Please Advise. Thanks, Jeff
I would recommend sending the machine in for a repair. It sounds like the steam valve is not closing completely or not sealing completely. Call us or go on to your account online to set up a repair order.
Posted by: techkathy on 11-01-13 04:42PM
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