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My Gaggia Brera brews great coffee, but in the past month or two, about 20% o the time after the grinding cycle, the out of beans indicator light turns on and she dumps the unbrewed coffee grounds into the dispenser. I wash the brew group once per week, which includes cleaning the area above the brew group with a dry toothbrush. If I look down the bypass doser hole during grinding, I can't see any obstructions or issues that would cause the machine to dump the unbrewed coffee grounds. Any thoughts?
Answered by techkathy
Fd1d660302c7ae9ecd77d4e05d780e42 Is the coffee you are using a dark roast or oily? Oily coffees tend to stick together and not fall into the grinding burrs. The machine will then act like it is out of coffee. 11-01-13 04:45PM
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