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My titanium is brewing incredibly slow. I've disassembled the thing, cleaned everything that could be cleaned (including the grinder) and reassembled it. It gives frequent (every 2-3 cups) ventilate errors, but ventilating doesn't help. Grind is fairly coarse. I've had it for 6 years almost - is the pump going out? Other suggestions?
Answered by techkathy
Fd1d660302c7ae9ecd77d4e05d780e42 It is possible that the pump is wearing out. But you can do a quick experiment to see if the water curcuit is blocked. hit the bypass button (looks like a scoop), don't add any coffee, then hit the medium coffee button. If water flows through then its either the grind is too fine or the pump is weakening. 11-01-13 04:45PM
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