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I was considering going with the Alex Duetto III, but concerns about having to move a 75lb machine from underneath my cabinet to be able to refill the water tank gave me pause. I started reading about the Breville Dual Boiler and am very intrigued. Looking to be able to pull a great shot of Espresso as if I were working at Intelligentsia or similar. What are your thoughts on the Breville?
Answered by mjackson
Profile_mark_jackson_profile_pic I think it has an amazing price for the features it has. It has not been out a long time so we don't really have an idea on the long term durability yet. I would suggest getting a very good espresso grinder like the Baratza Vario. It certainly will give you all the tools you need to pull a consistently good shot.I think if you read all the reviews available you will see people are very happy with the machine. 11-01-13 04:48PM
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