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America's Test Kitchen wrote: In a Nutshell Attractive and functional, this machine produced rich, flavorful espresso and velvety crema with the pressing down of two levers. Details Like the AeroPress, the ROK is designed for simplicity. The 11-inch tool consists of two long, curved levers attached to a wishbone-shaped body, a clear hot-water chamber with markings for single and double shots, and a portafilter for grounds. Also included are a measuring scoop that doubles as a tamper, an adapter for making two single shots simultaneously, and a syringe-like milk foamer (you simply stick it into milk and pump the plunger to froth). The instructions were clear, and the superb result—rich, full-bodied espresso topped with a nice crema—had test cooks lining up for shots. Note: The ROK is the newest incarnation of the Presso Espresso Machine
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Fd1d660302c7ae9ecd77d4e05d780e42 Looks awesome! 11-01-13 04:50PM
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